LED Lighting for Every Adventure.

When it comes to kitting out the front of your 4x4, SUV or car with driving lights then check out the ultimate 3 tier range from Repco. Not only do they lift the appearance of your vehicle but they light up the road in front of you like it's the middle of the day. You'll never miss another rut in the road or any of the wildlife making its way across the trails while you’re smashing through the mud and foliage in the early hours of the morning.

With the amazing range of Narva, Hypa and Maxi Trac brands available to suit customers wanting lights for their everyday SUV off roader that sees an occasional off-road adventure on a long weekend, to the heavy duty Land Cruiser smashing the trails every weekend needing a IP68 rated waterproof driving light suited to the extreme off-roading in the snow covered mountains or basking in the 40+ desert heat wading through the raging river crossings.

The Narva, Maxi Trac and Hypa driving light range comprises of 10 inch to 22 inch LED light bars for the roof rack or bull bar and 150mm-230mm LED driving lights to fill out the front end of the 4x4.

If you're still unsure on what lights are right for you and want to view the full range, visit your nearest Repco store and allow our friendly staff to assist.

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