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A replacement battery for every application.

A high quality automotive battery or marine battery is the key to reliability, making sure you can start your car, boat or lawnmower any morning and power your radio, climate control and lights all day. A Car battery must be reliable, long lasting and leave you feeling confident that you will get to where you are going smoothly. The full range of Repco Car Batteries, 4x4 and SUV Batteries, Marine Batteries, Deep Cycle Batteries, Stop Start, lawn and garden and Motorcycle Batteries are made by Century Yuasa the makers of Century batteries and are designed to take on the extreme conditions of Australia and New Zealand. Whether it's in the extreme heat bashing your 4x4 through the red deserts of the Northern Territory or through the mountains of the south island there is a battery to suit your vehicle.

The latest in sealed maintenence free calcium plate design and a hassle free nationwide warranty ranging from 12 months to 40 months means you can have confidence in your car, boat or mower starting and maintaining its charge time and time again. Repco's range is made to suit European, Japanese, Australian and American made cars, utes and 4x4s. If you're looking for batteries for your boat, caravan, lawn mower or motorcycle then check out the full range of marine batteries, deep cycle batteries or motorcycle, lawn and garden. With exceptional corrosion resistance and optimised superior starting power you can rely on the Repco automotive battery range. Your nearest Repco store will also offer free testing of your car batteries and free recycling of your old battery so you can get back on the road with hassle free motoring. Shop the full Repco Battery range and buy online or visit a Repco store today.

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