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Battery Boxes and Accessories

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Repco Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush - RST193
Hurry Sale Ends - 30/09/2021
OEX Battery Tester with Printer - LV8111-8BLACK
Hurry Sale Ends - 30/09/2021
Mechpro Battery Hydrometer - MPST145
Hurry Sale Ends - 30/09/2021
Projecta Battery Clamp Metal/Plastic 180mm - BHD18
Projecta Anti Corrosion Washers 1Pk - AC200
Projecta Battery Terminal End Entry  - Saddle Type - Positive - 1 Pce - BT620-P1
Projecta Battery Terminal Marine Stud Type  - Positive - 1 Pce - BT14-P1
Projecta Battery Clamp Metal 180mm - BHD18M
Projecta Battery Terminal Saddle Universal 2Pk - BT11-2
Projecta Battery Terminal Bolt on Heavy Duty Positive - BT142H-P10
Projecta Battery Clamp Bolt 255mm - BB10
Projecta Battery Disconnect Terminal Negative 1Pk - BT001
Projecta Battery Clamp Metal 125 to 180mm - ABC30
Projecta 12V Portable Power Hub Battery Box - PH125
Maxi Trac Heavy Duty Battery Box 325 x 200 x 185mm - MTBBPH
Projecta Portable Power Station Battery Box 12V - BPE330
Penrite Demineralised Water 5L - DEWATER005
Redarc Battery Isolator 12v 100A - SBI12
CTEK Battery Charger Extension Cable 2.5m - 56-304
CRC Battery Terminal Protector 300g - 5098
Showing 1 - 20 of 145 products

From battery boxes to battery terminals we have it covered

Maintaining your 12V power to run, power or start can be easy with the right battery accessories and products. When checking your vehicles battery system make sure you are regularly inspecting the battery terminals as well as your batteries voltage to ensure you can start every time. When terminals become loose or corroded and do not have a good contact on the battery post they can fail to create the required electrical output to engage your starter. If this is occurring then you should clean both the battery terminal and the battery post to ensure clean contact can be made and if the battery terminal is corroded or broken then replacing the battery terminal is advised. Replacing the battery terminals can often be fairly straight forward with a range of different battery terminals available to suit various OE terminal types. If your battery terminals are well connected and no signs of corrosion exist then checking your batteries charge with a multimeter is also a good way of confirming your battery is receiving charge. When testing the voltage a battery should read over 12.6V, anything less than this your battery will need charging and you should ensure your alternator is providing the required level of charge when your vehicle is running. If your battery is showing a voltage of less than 12.0V it should be recharged immediately as leaving the battery in a fully discharged state will dramatically reduce the life of the battery.

If your setting up an auxiliary power system or locating a battery outside of an engine bay then a battery box is a great way to keep the battery sealed to prevent any spills or damage to surrounding areas. The use of a battery box also keeps your battery terminals safe from the elements reducing the risk of corrosion or water ingress to the terminal connection. A battery box will allow you to mount connections to the exterior of the box removing the need to open or cut through the box itself providing greater protection to the battery and your terminals. Battery boxes can also be used with a battery isolator switch which will allow you to terminate the power to the box of the 12v system you are running and can be mounted in a convenient location away from the battery box itself if required. A battery isolator should be used in all applications where an auxiliary battery is installed to ensure that power is not drained from the battery when not is use and, more importantly, that the power to the auxiliary system your are running is not live when not in use reducing the risk of electrical fire or other electrical interference. When installing an additional battery in your engine bay then a battery tray is a better option. Battery tray's provide a solid mounting point for your battery making it easier to mount when the protection of a battery box is not required.

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