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No fuss battery charging with the 6 amp Repco Linear Battery Charger

If you're chasing a no-frills, basic car battery charger without all the extras, the Repco range of linear battery chargers offer great value in terms of dollar per amp output. The Repco linear battery charger still features the basic safety characteristics of the more expensive charger so you can charge without stressing about potential electrical fires or damage to electrical systems. This Repco battery charger features:

  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection

The Linear automotive battery chargers cycle the output of charging power using internal thermometers to ensure things don't get to hot and the battery charges most efficiently. Once the charger detects a full battery, just like our other more expensive products, it will supply a trickle or maintenance charge to the battery to keep it topped off and at 100% charge without running the risk of overcharging.

Repco offers a range of industry-quality tools and garage/workshop equipment at your disposal including a comprehensive range of automotive battery chargers. Perfect for cars that see the road only once in a while, Repco battery chargers not only replenish a dead battery, but can also act as a maintenance charger so your battery is topped up when you want to take the family out in the American land-yacht or carve up some twisties in your gripped up Japanese icon or hot hatch.

Don't write off a battery for the tip as soon as you notice it start to die, Repco battery chargers have reconditioning features so save you dollars on buying a new battery which is also a great alternative for the enviro-conscious folk out there. For professional mechanics and work-shop owners, these chargers are great to hook up to cars sitting in the shop. With cars sitting idle for days or weeks on end while being worked on, batteries can fatigue easily particularly when being started to move around the shop and never given time to charge properly. The Repco battery charger range features something for every vehicle be it a 6v motorcycle or scooter, 12v car or truck and with a range of applications for home and work. The range features technologically advanced multi-stage chargers for maximum efficiency and minimum form factor, all the way to traditional, hardy linear battery chargers and even a 1.5 watt solar panel trickle charge to mount on the dash or in a window.

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