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Thunder 6A Battery Charger - Water and Dust Resistant and the power to keep your toys charged

This sophisticated 6 amp, 8 stage battery charger utilises a fully automatic computer system to charge most 12 volt GEL, AGM, Lead Acid and Calcium batteries used in smaller recreational vehicles including dirt bikes, quad bikes, small cars, boats and ATVs. Simple to install with intuitive safety features to protect from overcharging and reverse polarity problems, it is suitable for 10-100Ah and 150Ah for maintenance (200 to 350CCA). Pulse mode technology helps reduce oxidation, maintains electrolyte consistency and combats stratification, for longer battery life.

Thunder Battery Chargers help to take you to places you've never been before, making adventure more affordable and accessible for 4WD enthusiasts. Designed for the working adventurer, Thunder products have been tested and developed to handle anything you can throw at them without breaking the bank.

Thunder chargers operate on an eight phase charging program, this allows for the identification of faulty batteries, preserves the life of your battery and ensures maximum charge. The charging process begins with the Thunder battery charger desulfating your battery, and performing testing to ascertain the battery's condition. If the battery is determined to be faulty, charging will cease and the faulty battery light will illuminate. This is followed by a soft start, to ensure your empty battery isn't flooded with charge and overloaded. The charger will then enter the bulk charge stage, completing the majority of the charge. The charger will then enter the final stages of absorption, analysis, boost, float and maintenance. This ensures the battery is completely full, whilst maintaining charge until you are ready to use the battery.

The Thunder Battery chargers also come with the added function of a power supply mode, giving you the ability to supply power to 10 Amp and 15 Amp devices respectively at 13.7 Volt. All chargers in the range have an LED readout, showing you which stage of the charging process is currently being completed. If your looking at a battery charger, jump starter or a brand new car battery, make sure you check out the complete range from Repco, available online or at your nearest Repco store.

Power Rating (Amp)
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8 Stage
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Battery Charger