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Jump Starters

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Mechpro Jump Starter 12V 1800A - MPJS1800S3
Powerall Supreme Jumpstarter & Power Bank 16000mAh 600A 12V - PBJS16000RS
Projecta Intelli-Start Professional Jumpstarter - Lithium 12V / 1500A - IS1500
Powerall Slim Plus Jump Starter &amp, Power Bank 9000mAh 350A 12V - PBJS9000-S-PLUS
Powerall Deluxe Jump Starter &amp, Power Bank 12000mAh - PBJS12000-RD
Projecta Lithium Jump Starter 12v 1200a - IS1210E
Repco 12V Compact Jump Starter 1700A - RCJS1700
Powerall XL3 Jump Starter &amp, Power Bank 16000mAh 1000A 12V - PBJS16000-PA-XL3
Repco 12V Compact Jump Starter 1200A - RCJS1200
Mechpro Jump Starter - 1200A - MPJS1200S3
Repco 12V Compact Jump Starter 800A - RCJS800
Mechpro Jump Starter 12V 900A - MPJS900S3
Mechpro Jump Starter 240v Adapter - MPJS-800
Arkpak With 300W Inverter - AP730
Projecta Lithium Jumpstarter - 950A - LS950
Projecta Lithium Jump Starter & Powerbank 12V 900A - IS910E
Repco Ultra Capacitor Jump Starter 12V 1200A - RJS109A
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products

Jump Starters & Battery Inverters

Don't ever be stranded again with our range of jump starters and battery inverters from leading brand Projecta and Mechpro.

Jump-starters are suitable for jump starting vehicles and can also be used to power other 12V accessories. The largest jump starter in the range can easily jump start a diesel 4WD engine.

Repco have a broad range of 12V battery inverters from Projecta. 12V battery inverters convert 12V DC into 230/240V AC. Our range of 12V battery inverters are ideal for extended trips to power many 240V household appliances such as laptop computers, electric shavers and mobile phones from your car's cigarette lighter outlet.

Browse our complete range below and find all the car electrical components and car parts you need at Repco.

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