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12V 600W Modified Sine Wave Inverter - By Repco

Get the power to use your household 240V appliances in the wilderness, on the worksite, or anywhere off grid power in needed. An inverter is the perfect companion if you're out camping of 4WDing with your mates, allowing you to plug in a projector to watch a movie, charging your laptop, or camera batteries and essentially run your household 240v items for the duration of your trip.

Modified sine wave inverters produce a 240 volt, 50 Hz AC current which is similar to but not exactly the same as the pure sine wave produced by energy companies and distributed as household power. Most general household items should operate without issue on a Modified Sine Wave Inverter. For sensitive equipment it is recommended that a Pure Sine Wave Inverter be selected.

Features include

  • Battery clips- 900mm heavy duty battery cable with fitted battery clips for convenient connection
  • Twin power sockets - AS/NZS approved 240V sockets. Inverter designed to Australian standard AS4763
  • L.E.D indicators - Power and fault lights with audible alarm if problem is detected
  • Efficient design - Cooling fan to prevent overheating
  • Mounting points - Convenient and robust
  • 2.5Amp USB Port - Charge your phone, power bank or tablet

Repco's range of Power inverters are ready to power your 240V electronics whenever you need them. When it comes to electrical components for your vehicle you trust that Repco can help you choose the necessary components to keep you going, whether it's with an off grid power inverter, solar panel, deep cycle battery or simply just the relays, fuses, power plugs and sockets to keep your power needs in check you can be sure we have an option for you either in store or from one of our suppliers. Check out the full range of Battery chargers, jump starters, jumper cables and other electrical accessories, shop online or visit a Repco store near you.