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CTEK Battery Charger 12V 15Amp - PRO15S

SKU: A5412185

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  • Fully automatic and easy to use. Simple to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected.
  • Built-in temperature sensor to achieve maximum charge levels
  • Dedicated reconditioning programme to restore battery life and recondition flat batteries.
  • IP44 classified for outdoor use
  • Lightweight & highly portable
  • Mounting points are designed in to the casing.
  • Tough & robust
  • 2 year warranty
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CTEK Battery Charger PRO15S - The ideal showroom and workshop companion

The PRO15S from CTEK features the highest quality and most current advancements in 12v battery charging technology. The PRO15S is a powerful, fully automatic 15A battery charger and battery maintainer, compatible with any 12v battery from 20Ah to 350Ah. Thanks to its strong, robust construction and clever technology, it can withstand heat, dust, humidity, and anything else you can throw at it, making it a great charger to have around a bustling workshop or showroom floor.

The PRO15S packs a bunch of features, with fast and powerful charging technology and long-term maintenance charge cycles, the PRO15S is the ideal 12v battery charger for so many applications. Advanced technology ensures a safe, fast charge is delivered by throwing as much charge as is safely possible at the battery, the internal thermometer carefully monitors the vitals and make sure no damage is done, so you can sit back and relax while the CTEK charger takes care of the rest. Thanks to its reconditioning programme, the PRO15S car battery charger can restore battery life and recondition flat batteries otherwise destined for the tip. The PRO15S 'supply' mode can work as a secure 12v power source to work in place of the battery during diagnostic or fault-finding work when the battery has been removed or disconnected. Charging a battery can be daunting for some, with cheaper battery charger posing the risk of injuring yourself or damaging the car you're working on but fear not as the PRO15S is packed with a bunch of safety features, including reverse polarity protection, to ensure safe operation.

With the latest advancements in intelligent battery charging technology, CTEK are committed to maximizing battery performance with every product they offer. Constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development, CTEK have soared leaps and bounds above the competition because they constantly innovate, improve, and refine to your needs and battery charging applications. A 12 volt battery charger is an absolute must-have for those storing project cars which only see the road or track once in a blue moon, since batteries naturally discharge over time when left to sit without a charge applied to them, your battery's health is severely compromised if its only given time to charge every so often.

CTEK battery chargers great for restoring charge to totally flat batteries when they would otherwise end up in the tip which means they're friendly to your budget and for the planet. A CTEK car battery charger is also great for maintaining battery charge to occasional vehicles such as project cars, weekend cars, boats, jet-skis, RVs or anything you can think of so you can be sure your car, bike or boat will fire into life at the drop of a hat.

Imagine waking up nice and early before the crack of dawn for a road-trip to the coast, a bush adventure in your 4x4 or a race meeting in your heritage race car. You turn the key to fire up your rig and nothing happens. You won’t find a replacement battery at 5 in the morning, and you wouldn't dare wake up your partner to jump start your car, but if you don't leave now, you won't make it to drivers briefing or the servo in time to convoy with your mates to the 4x4 tracks. If you had your car set up with a quality CTEK battery charger, the battery would be at 100%, the car would be packed and the coast, bush or racetrack would be calling your name. Avoid delays and dead batteries, shop the entire range of battery accessories, jump starters and power inverters today on the Repco website or at your local Repco store.

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