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CTEK Battery Charger DC-DC 12V 20Amp - 40-315

SKU: A5456314

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  • Fully automatic, temperature controlled charging
  • Suits batteries from 40-300Ah
  • Dual input for solar and alternator
  • Compatible with smart alternators
  • Battery separation replacing diodes and VSR relays
  • Built in MPPT solar panel regulator
  • Splash and dust proof (IP65)
  • 2 year warranty
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CTEK D250SA DC-DC Charger - Keep your batteries full and your fridges cold

The CTEK D250SA is an intelligent DC-DC charger which maximises battery capacity as a charging solution where charging from mains power (AC) is not available. This makes it great for extended periods spent on the road or water. The 5-step process supplies 20 As of charging power to any lead acid battery from 40a/h all the way up to 300ah. The charger has multiple-input technology, meaning you can simultaneously supply charge from your alternator (including smart alternators for newer, hi-tech vehicles), solar panels or even from wind power. Once the intelligent voltage sensitive charger recognises that your deep cycle leisure batteries are topped off, it will supply a maintenance charge output to the vehicle's starter battery to ensure you have full cranking power when it’s time to fire up the beast. The device is an all-in-one in terms of implying and completing your 12v, off grid setup. It removes the necessity for messy voltage sensitive relays used to split charging between batteries and even means you can throw your cheap solar panel regulator in the bin too, thanks to its MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology. The CTEK D250SA is designed to endure tough conditions including operating temperatures ranging from negative 20 degrees Celsius all the way up to 50 degrees Celsius and with a 2-year warranty as standard you can trust that this 12V solution will go the distance in your 12v setup.

With the latest advancements in intelligent battery charging technology, CTEK are committed to maximizing battery performance with every product they offer. Constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development, CTEK have soared leaps and bounds above the competition because they constantly innovate, improve, and refine to your needs and battery charging applications. A 12 volt battery charger is an absolute must-have for those storing project cars which only see the road or track once in a blue moon, since batteries naturally discharge over time when left to sit without a charge applied to them, your battery's health is severely compromised if its only given time to charge every so often.

CTEK battery chargers great for restoring charge to totally flat batteries when they would otherwise end up in the tip which means they're friendly to your budget and for the planet. A CTEK car battery charger is also great for maintaining battery charge to occasional vehicles such as project cars, weekend cars, boats, jet-skis, RVs or anything you can think of so you can be sure your car, bike or boat will fire into life at the drop of a hat.

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