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Projecta Battery Charger Pro-Charge - 12V 8A - PC800

SKU: A9446185

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  • 12V Automatic 8A 6 Stage Battery Charger
  • Perfect all-rounder for small to large batteries
  • Adjustable Output
  • Suitable for a wide range of different size batteries
  • Rejuvenation Mode
  • Revitalises tired batteries, increasing battery life and performance (subject to battery condition)
  • Side Mounting Wings
  • Optional mounting wings for permanent installation
  • Safer Charging
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Projecta 8A Pro-Charge 12volt Battery Charger

This 6 stage Battery Charger was designed with the home handy-man or DIYer in mind. Made for a range of 12 volt lead acid battery options. The PC800 is a fully automatic battery charger with 6 charging stages and is designed to charge a range of recreational vehicles, cars and 4WDs. The benefit of the automatic charge is that you can clear your head for a few hours and leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely with no chance of overcharging. The PC800 charger is suitable for a range of 12 volt automotive, marine and calcium and deep cycle batteries. The sophisticated electronic monitoring system provides a reduction in charging time and delivers a professional result.

If you're looking at charging a calcium battery back to life, the Calcium Mode changes the profile of the charge to deliver a complete and proper job. If your calcium battery has been deeply discharged and requires an equalisation charge to restore a full electrolyte reading, then this charger is for you! For those batteries that are tired and worn, the Rejuvenation Mode breaks down sulphation and revitalises the cells of the battery to increase performance. It's a lightweight and compact unit that definitely doesn't compromise on performance. The PC800 is spark-free and is protected against accidental reverse connection making them very safe to use.

This unit comes with optional side wings to easily mount to the workbench or garage wall. Remember to give adequate ventilation to the cooling vents if you choose to mount by providing at least 10cm clearance. The battery charger's interface will also allow you to control the charge rates and charge mode, to give you complete control.

With today's reliance on efficient and high output battery power for the vehicles on road there has been an inherent advance in technology of these units not to mention an increased cost through the use of more complex materials. Keeping your battery running in peak condition and maximising its life span is where using the right charger for your purpose becomes necessary. Manufactured to industry leading specifications and engineered to be both rugged yet reliable the Projecta range of battery chargers contain the functionality and current technology to help charge and maintain all modern battery types. Whether as simple as a basic trickle charger for occasional use lead acid batteries through to advanced multi-stage chargers that can recharge and rejuvenate Deep Cycle, Calcium, Gel and AGM batteries (Absorbent Glass Mat), Projecta have the right charger to ensure you have the power needed.

For over 50 years Projecta have been supplying not just a range of market leading battery chargers but a comprehensive array of battery accessories, power inverters and jump starters to ensure your vehicle is ready to go when you are. Their continued research and development see their products shrink in size but become more feature packed and capable of handling the biggest batteries.

The Projecta development team strive to produce a quality range of products, whether that be a Battery Charger, Solar Panels and Controllers, Power Management, Jump Starter, Inverters, Booster Cables, Battery Terminals and Cables or Battery Maintenance. A key component of the team's development program focuses on searching the world to source new technology and products to include in their range. The Projecta battery charger range, for all your needs from boats, caravans, large batteries, camper trailers, or car batteries, never be left wondering if your battery will start your engine again. Avoid delays and dead batteries, shop online or browse instore today, with a great range of Projecta products stocked by Repco. Never be at the mercy of a flat battery again, with Projecta being your number one choice.

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