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Redarc GoBlock 100Ah Portable Dual Battery System - PPS12100

SKU: A5603710

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  • Gives you all the convenience of a Battery Box combined with all the features of a lithium-based dual battery system
  • Ideal for vehicles that can't fit a 2nd battery in the engine bay
  • Power all your necessities via a myriad of connections, all of which are recessed to protect from knocks and the weather
  • Battery capacity: 100Ah
  • Nominal voltage: 12.8 - 15.8V
  • Maximum current input: 50A (AUX, Anderson or Solar)
  • Maximum total output: 50A
  • Operating temperature range: 0° to 85°C
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REDARC GoBlock 100Ah Portable Dual Battery System

Not all portable power is created equal. Designed, engineered, built and tested from the ground up in Australia, the GoBlock by REDARC is purpose built to thrive in Australia's harshest conditions.

The GoBlock by REDARC is both a portable power source and a flexible in-vehicle dual battery system, capable of powering your electronics and accessories when you’re away from home.

This system is built tough for the most rugged and remote off-grid adventure, yet suitable for practically any situation, including vans, 4WDs and boats. It’s also ideal for vehicles that do not have enough room under the hood to install a traditional dual battery system.

With USB, accessory, Merit, fridge and Anderson outputs, the GoBlock is ideal for charging your smart devices, phones, games, cameras and drones, as well as powering lights, compressors, a portable fridge and more.

Featuring REDARC’s proprietary DC charging technology, the GoBlock is capable of a rapid 50 amp recharge rate,(installation & vehicle dependent) giving you a massive 100 amp hours of power in around two hours when charged via the PowerDock or capable Anderson input .This means the GoBlock is always ready to serve as your tough as nails portable dual battery system.

Portable Power Unleashed

Featuring lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, the GoBlock has been designed to allow 2000+ cycles, up to 4x more charge cycles than other portable power stations on the market, ensuring value for money and a longer life span. Unlike many portable power systems the GoBlock is capable of operating in a wider temperature range, meaning it will perform in extreme conditions without compromising performance.

The GoBlock is designed and built for outdoor use. There are no fans or exposed components that can affect the unit, allowing you to take it from the car to the beach, worksite, family BBQ or campsite without worrying about wind, moisture, dust or grime (IP62 rating). With stamina that goes way beyond weekend power, you can load up the GoBlock quickly and put civilisation in your rear-view for longer.

Go Off-Grid with Solar Charge

The GoBlock offers flexible charging options, ranging from the included AC wall charger to pre-charge before you leave the house, to the accessory socket charger found inside your vehicle. It will also accept up to 50A input from any capable 12V power source that has an Anderson plug, including solar. The intelligent charging platform allows you to get the best out of your solar panels by using the latest in-built MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology for an efficient charge while you’re at camp or off the grid.

Do More With The PowerDock

To get the most out of your GoBlock portable power system, add the PowerDock, a semi-permanent installation that allows you to securely mount your system and rapid charge from both the vehicle and connected solar. This provides rapid charge direct into the GoBlock system making it the most versatile portable dual battery system and a true all-in-one solution. It is even lockable with a neat anti-theft feature. When you reach your destination, pop the quick release handle – the GoBlock is recharged, ready to go.

Go Tough

The GoBlock is built tough with a rugged exterior, prepared for almost any situation. With an IP62 protection rating, its inputs and outputs are neatly recessed with tough shields to protect them from hard knocks and inclement weather. The battery is made of high-quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, safely enclosed within the robust aluminium case. It is powerful with up to 4 times the recharge cycles of competing battery chemistries.

Go Anywhere

The GoBlock can be installed into vehicles with or without the PowerDock. This gives you the best of both worlds, ensuring safe storage of the GoBlock and the portability to take it with you in your boat, to your campsite or in multiple vehicles offering greater value for money.

Wireless Monitoring

GoBlock connects via Bluetooth to REDARC’s RedVision smartphone App (iOS + Android) giving you remote access to the battery state of charge, system diagnostics and input source information, and the ability to activate the Start Battery Recovery mode.

Automatic Chargeback

Once the GoBlock is full and connected to a valid solar source it can automatically send excess power back to maintain the health of the vehicle start battery via the PowerDock, if the feature has been enabled via the RedVision App.

Australian Made

Designed, engineered, built and tested from the ground up in Australia.

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