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Car Batteries

Showing 21 - 40 of 76 products
Century Hybrid & ISS Battery 106123 - DIN65LH AGM
Repco Car Battery 500CCA 20M Warranty - DIN65L MFR
Repco Car Battery 300CCA 20M Warranty - NS40ZLS MFR
Repco 4x4 & SUV Car Battery 610CCA 12M Warranty - N70ZZ MFR
Repco Car Battery 640CCA 40M Warranty - 67EF MF
Repco Car Battery 780CCA 30M Warranty - DIN85L MF
Repco Car Battery 730CCA 30M Warranty - DIN75L MF
Repco Car Battery 530CCA 30M Warranty - 58 SMF
Repco Car Battery 360CCA 30M Warranty - NS40ZL SMF
Optima Yellow Battery - D34
Repco Car Battery 410CCA 40M Warranty - NS40ZLX MF
Repco Car Battery 620CCA 40M Warranty - 75D23R MF
Repco Car Battery 450CCA 20M Warranty - DIN53L MFR
Repco Car Battery 550CCA 30M Warranty - 55D23RB SMF
Repco Car Battery 480CCA 20M Warranty - 58 MFR
Repco Car Battery 530CCA 30M Warranty - 57EF SMF
Century Hybrid & ISS Battery 106125 - DIN85LH AGM
Repco Car Battery 325CCA 30M Warranty - 43 HP
Repco Car Battery 410CCA 40M Warranty - NS40ZLSX MF
Repco Car Battery 430CCA 20M Warranty - 47 MFR
Showing 21 - 40 of 76 products

Get your car battery replacement with Repco today

Shop Car Batteries

A high-quality automotive car battery or marine battery is the key to reliability, making sure you can start your car, boat or lawnmower any morning and power your radio, climate control and lights all day. Repco stocks a range of car batteries brands from Century, Optima Technology and Repco.

Not sure where to begin come instore today to find a new battery

No need to take your existing battery to a vehicle shop, come into your local Repco store today for expert advice helping you find the right battery replacement. We will assist you in sourcing quality batteries to suit today's modern vehicles as well as dispose of your existing car battery or car batteries. Unsure if your old car battery is bad, bring it into your local store, and we will do a battery test. In doing a battery test, we can tell you whether or not your car battery needs replacing on the spot and help source new batteries.

Key points to consider when purchasing a battery

When purchasing a car battery replacement, there are several things to consider these include the size of the batteries, the cold cranking amps are the same or a higher CCA, battery prices, having quality batteries for your cars, and ensuring you receive the right new battery for your car.

At Repco, we strive to provide excellent service, we will look up your vehicle makes and find product availability using store location software to source the right car battery within your area. Great service is what you need when it comes time to source a new battery for your car. Internal components of an old battery will not help your vehicle's performance, therefore, a car battery replacement is optimal. A Car battery must be reliable, long-lasting and leave you feeling confident that you will get to where you are going smoothly.

The latest in sealed maintenance free calcium plate design and a hassle-free nationwide warranty ranging from 12 months to 40 months means you can have confidence in your car, boat or mower starting and maintaining its charge time and time again. Repco's huge range is made to suit European, Japanese, Australian and American made cars, utes and 4x4s.

If you're looking for batteries for your boat, caravan, lawnmower or motorcycle then check out the full range of marine batteries, deep cycle batteries or motorcycle, lawn and garden. With exceptional corrosion resistance and optimised superior starting power, you can rely on the Repco automotive battery range.

Need quality installation help no need to spend hours trying to do it yourself contact your local Repco Authorised service. They will assist in the installation process of your new car battery.

Our range of Car Batteries

Don't spend hours trying to work out which car battery or car batteries you need, call our friendly staff at your local Repco store for excellent service and fast response in terms of what batteries you need and what to do with an old battery. Don't miss out on exclusive offers and discounts to our customers, replace your car battery with a long life quality car battery with the demands of our online.

The whole range of Repco batteries, 4x4 and SUV batteries, marine batteries, deep cycle batteries, stop-start, lawn and garden and motorcycle batteries are made by Century Yuasa the makers of Century batteries and are designed to take on the extreme conditions of Australia and New Zealand.

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