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Narva Heat Shrink Assortment Dual Wall 3-6mm 3-1 Shrink Ratio - 56650

SKU: A9263953

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  • Lined with an inner adhesive, providing excellent weather resistance and adhesion to cable
  • Comprises: 2 x 3mm Black, 2 x 3mm Red, 2 x 4.8mm Black, 2 x 4.8mm Red, 2 x 6mm Black, 2 x 6mm Red

Narva Heat Shrink - Wiring like a pro

Narva Heat Shrink Tubing is integral when carrying out wiring projects on your car. Narva Heat Shrink acts as an insulator for exposed connections, splices, solder joins etc so that there are no shorts or other wiring issues. Narva Heat Shrink has increased wall thickness to create an increased level of strain resistance, adding an extra line of strength to all your wiring joins. Cheaper heat shrink is made from thinner material and whilst it will still insulate, it won't add this extra line of strength and protection. Narva heat shrink tubing is flame-retardant and safe to use in engine bays or other areas of your car where electrical connections will be exposed to extreme temperatures. Its heat resistance is thanks to polyolefin construction, a material favoured for its insulative properties and added mechanical strength for electrical componentry. Narva heat shrink is also lined with adhesive which bonds to the connections when heated up. This not only adds a massive increase in mechanical strength, but it also creates a waterproof seal which means it's great for wiring in driving lights, trailer lamps or anything which is likely to become exposed to the elements.

When wiring in accessories on your car, the age old twist and tape hack just won't cut it. With some simple electrical tools, connectors, terminals and heat shrink, you can be well on your way to wiring like a pro and drive with the confidence that all of your accessories will continue to function with no nasty surprises. To view our whole range of electrical accessories, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly team today.

Item Type
Heat Shrink Tube

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