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Electrical Connectors & Crimp Terminals

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Repco Electrical Terminal Kit 355 Pieces - RETK1
Mechpro Electrical Terminal Kit 192 Pieces - MPEAK1
Repco Electrical Terminal Kit 182 Pieces - RETK2
Narva Solder Splice 1.5 - 2.5mm - 56380BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Ring Yellow Insulated 9.5mm  - 10 Pce - 56092BL
Narva Cable Lug 10mm Stud - 57134BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Joiner Red Insulated 3mm  - 15 Pce - 56054BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Female Blade Red Insulated 6.3mm  - 10 Pce - 56042BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Joiner Blue Insulated 4mm  - 14 Pce - 56056BL
Narva Q.C Connector 2 Pole 1 Kit - 56272BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Female Bullet Red Insulated 4.3mm  - 12 Pce - 56050BL
Projecta Battery Terminal End Entry  - Positive or Negative - 1 Pce - BT11-1
Projecta Battery Terminal Marine Stud Type  - Negative - 1 Pce - BT14-N1
Narva Crimp Terminal Ezy - Tap Blue Insulated 8 Pce - 56015BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Ring Yellow Insulated 8.4mm  - 10 Pce - 56090BL
Narva Q.C Connector 6 Pole 1 Kit - 56276BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Joiner Yellow Insulated 5mm  - 8 Pce - 56058BL
Narva Deutsch DT #16 - 2 Way 1 Kit - 57422BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Female Blade Blue Insulated 6.3mm  - 10 Pce - 56044BL
Narva Relay Connector 4/5 Pin Flat - 68084BL
Showing 1 - 20 of 224 products
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Get connected with our range of wire connectors and crimp terminals

When working on your car or other electrical jobs, you need to ensure you have all the right tools and accessories for a safe and efficient completion of the project. This includes the right electrical connectors and crimp terminals to get the right connection the first time. Electrical connectors and terminals are often an easy alternative to soldering and ideal when multiple circuits need to be established via the use of a QC connector block or a ring terminal to bolt to a fuse block or earth. To make sure you select the the right electrical connectors and terminals when doing your next wiring job keeping in mind the size of the cable you are connecting and the amperage that the circuit will be running. Crimp terminals come in a range of different sizes to accommodate different wire sizes and can be match with their corresponding terminal by using the crimp colours (red, yellow, blue). There are also a number of crimp terminal kits available with a range of sizes and electrical connectors which are extremely handy when a general purpose electrical connector kit is required or you are tackling a larger electrical job. When fitting parts like driving lights and connections that are going to be exposed to the elements consider using a Deutsch plug or a Narva Super Seal connector to keep water and dust out of electrical systems and reduce the need for maintenance or re-wiring in the longer term. If you are running auxiliary power to your trailer or camper trailer or an electronic brake system then an Anderson Plug is a great option and will accommodate the voltage you need to run the auxiliary circuits.

To make the job even easier the appropriate electrical tools will allow you to create a better connection or crimp and allow you to test the circuit once connected to ensure you do the job once. Tools like crimping pliers and a multimeter are a great start or even a circuit tester that will allow you to diagnose and locate live wires. All electrical connections should also use heat shrink to preserve the connection longer term. Always remember to slide on the desired length of heat shrink onto the wire prior to connecting or crimping the terminal or adding the electrical connector. It can often be tricking and frustrating to do this after a crimp terminal or electrical connector is added. When using heat shrink it is also recommended to use a heat gun to ensure you get an even retraction of the heat shrink across the entire connection.

The electrical connector, crimp terminal and connectors range covers all of the biggest brands including Narva, Projecta, OEX and Repco with a huge range of electrical tools and equipment from brands like Toledo, Narva, Mechpro Blue, Endeavour and Foxwell to make sure you can everything you need to tackle the next electrical job like a pro.

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