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Electrical Tape

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Radiant Soldering Fluid 250ml - 00173
Adhesive PVC Harness Tape 19mm 20m 10Pkt - ACX1202
Repco PVC Electrical Tape 18mm x 10m White - RPVC10MWHT
Showing 21 - 23 of 23 products

Electrical tape, cloth tape or duct tape, Repco stock the best selection of tape to complete any job

Keep a roll or two handy in the toolbox, glovebox, or workshop drawer for the hundreds of uses tape covers

Just like WD40 and cable ties every competent DIYer needs an ample selection of tapes to cover the multitude of uses these provide. Whether it be electrical tape, cloth tape or duct tape you can find hundreds of common uses around the home or workshop for this handy workshop staple. Stocking the best brands from Nitto, Cling, Narva and Repco we have the range of tapes designed to suit a variety of applications.

What is the difference between vinyl electrical tape and other types of tape?

The primary difference between electrical tapes and duct tape is that in most cases the top layer of duct tape is constructed of a mesh fabric whilst vinyl electrical tape is constructed of a stretchy vinyl or PVC material. This stretchy material in electrical tape enables the tight seal of electrical wires and connections and has elements of being an insulating tape in preventing electrical leakage or shocks from exposed wiring. The glue on electrical tapes is also made up of a rubber-based adhesive which is both flexible and helps aid in the waterproof properties.

Duct tape on the other hand will have a stronger adhesive bottom layer but these stronger adhesives will leave behind sticky residue that other tapes will not. It is not suitable to use duct tape for electrical wiring or connections as at high temperatures the fibres of the tape can catch fire. For the minimal cost of a roll of electrical tape it is better to use this pressure sensitive tape rather than duct tape. As the name suggests, duct tape is used for sealing ducts and ductwork for air conditioning and heating so can withstand a wide temperature range whilst remaining stuck to a variety of materials . The mesh fabric of duct tape enables easy tearing without scissors or hand tools thereby providing easier application.

Standard sticky tape or masking tape is useful for packing boxes and other lightweight household applications but is relatively ineffectual when looking for a suitable heavy-duty bond or the strong glue necessary for long term repair.

Common types of tapes and their uses

As with many workshop consumables, tapes can cover a multitude of uses yet choosing the right one specific to your requirements can mean the difference between a good finish and an ineffective seal

  • Electrical Tape - Used for electrical wiring and providing insulation
  • Duct tape - General purpose and designed for strong, semi-permanent bond. Works on the vast majority of surfaces due to the strong adhesive used
  • Plumbers tape / Thread sealing tape - Used on gas, water and other connections that require a leakproof seal
  • Double sided tape - Handy for fixing lighter gauge materials together. Works well on car interior trims.
  • Masking tape - Great for masking off vehicle panels prior to painting or for test fitting wheel flares or other light body accessories prior to securing.

Repco stock all your workshop consumables at a great price

When it comes to replenishing your garage or workshop with quality brands, the latest products, or just the essentials, shop online or at your nearest Repco store and get the gear to tackle any project. Whether you need surface cleaners or degreasers, safety gear and disposable gloves as well as all the varieties of tape we have you covered.

Stocking not just car parts and tools for your car services we endeavour to provide our customers with the range, availability and great prices for all your automotive requirements.

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