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Facia Kits And Wiring Harnesses

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Aerpro Facia Kit Pocket - FP9016
Aerpro Facia Kit Holden VE Black - FP9350BK
Aerpro Facia Kit - FP8018
Aerpro Double Din Facia Suits Holden Commodore - FP9056
Aerpro Facia Kit Suit Ford Falcon - FP9042
Aerpro Double Din Facia - FP9056G
Aerpro Universal Double Din Facia Kit - FP953000
Aerpro Single Din Pocket & Facia - FP9043
Aerpro Mazda Facia Plate - Black - FP957504
Aerpro Single Din Pocket - FP9014
Aerpro Facia Plate Suits Ford Mazda Black - FP997505
Aerpro Facia Kit Ford - FP9240
Aerpro Din Pocket - 88009000
Aerpro Single Din Facia Kit - FP9018
Aerpro Facia Kit Suits Ford Mazda - Silver - FP9072
Aerpro Double Din Facia Hilux 2014 - FP9026
Aerpro Facia Plate to Suit Mitsubishi - Black - FP9037
Aerpro Universal Double Din Facia Kit - FP8020
Aerpro Facia Kit Mitsubishi - FP8013
Aerpro Facia Kit Single Din Pocket VY-VZ - FP9046B1
Showing 1 - 20 of 189 products

Car stereo Facia's and Wiring Harnesses for professional look DIY installations

Installing a new car stereo to your car can be made simple by using a facia kit and a wiring harness to avoid messy wiring and ugly gaps. Using both a facia kit and wiring harness will save a lot of time and effort turning installation into a plug and play process instead of matching wires, soldering, insulating etc that can also be dangerous if not done properly. There are a wide range of wiring harnesses available for most popular makes and models that will allow you to avoid wiring all together and often maintain the factory controls of your vehicle like steering wheel volume control. For popular vehicles, some wiring harnesses are also included as part of a facia kit that gives you everything you need to DIY upgrade your stereo system. You can find the correct wiring harness by using our vehicle selector or clicking on the "check fitment" link displayed below the product.

The use of a facia is ideal in applications where a factory stereo is either larger or smaller than the unit your are fitting. Car stereo head units are generally single DIN & double DIN. DIN is a standard size measurement used globally by most manufacturer's that refers to the height of the unit you are installing. Single DIN is the more traditional size which is generally 7" x 2" and double DIN is twice the height (same width) measuring 7" x 4". If you are replacing a factory stereo that is a double DIN with a single DIN unit you will need to use a facia pocket to fill the space. Aerpro facia options often will give you the right facia for your make and model however with older vehicles the use of a generic facia pocket or double DIN facia may be required. Most modern car stereos are also a little difficult to remove and the standard phillips head screwdriver wont offer much assistance. In order to make the removal of your old head unit easy consider a stereo removal tool. These tools can be for specific vehicles or generic kits that give you the right tool to remove the factory unit cleanly without scratching or bending factory dash components and makes the job a whole lot easier.

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