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Product Description

All-in-one phone mounting and charging solution inside your car

With constant developments and requirements for a range of in-car technology, its pretty easy to create a jungle of wiring surrounding your centre console, gear stick or steering wheel area inside your car. Whilst this isn't just really annoying, it can pose some pretty serious distractions and hazards whilst driving. One of the most challenging cables to re-route or tidy up is your phone charger. Since your phone needs to be within eye-shot for your GPS and answering important hands-free calls from the boss, the cable is often left draped across the centre console, or dash to reach up to the phone. Utilising the latest in wireless charger technology, the Auto Media wireless phone mount and charger offers the most hi-tech organisation system for your phone in the car. You can choose how to set up the mount to suit your vehicle, with provisions to mount it on either the windscreen, dash board or even clip onto a vent, choose a spot which is within eye-shot whilst driving so you don't have to draw focus entirely away from the road.

Running your GPS whilst driving is pretty power-hungry and will drain your battery on the commute. Auto Media thought about battery draining and long commutes when designing this product, so not only does it stop your phone from being flung all around the cabin, it also has auto-induction wireless charging capabilities. When paired with a USB car charger this handy phone mount will automatically begin applying charge to your phone without even plugging in a cable, it literally is that simple. If you want to safely use the driver-friendly functions on your phone and charge at the same time, hop onto the Repco website or swing into your local Repco store today and grab yourself an Auto Media Wireless Phone Charger / Phone Mount today.