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Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam - The ultimate dash cam

The award winning Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam offers an abundance of world-first features and technologies which come together to make it the most in-demand dash cam on the planet. With cinematic-quality 4K video recording at 30fps, the Nextbase 622GW dash camera pushes the boundaries of what is possible from a compact dash camera to capture in the highest possible detail all of the important finer details such as number plates with truly stunning results. A revolutionary piece of tech that this dash cam features is image stabilisation, a technology usually reserved for expensive professional digital camera. This feature helps to reduce vibration from your vehicle being transmitted to your dash cam footage, instead offering a crystal clear, smooth image no matter the terrain to give the best chance of recording number plates and other important details at all times.

The 622GW also features Alex Voice Control for seamless user experience with simple voice commands to operate dash cam functions and Emergency SOS Response to alert emergency services of your exact location in the event of a serious collision where the driver becomes unresponsive. This feature also allows you to store medical data including blood type, allergies and medical history which makes it a genuine life saver on the road. The Nextbase 622GW also features a wealth of other features including super slow motion recording, enhanced night vision, extreme weather mode, intelligent parking mode, 3 inch HD IPS touch screen and loop recording to name a few which makes it the ultimate dash cam.

We've all seen the wild videos that are captured on dash cams from around the world and right here on our doorstep. It's hard to believe that some of this could even happen on our roads, let alone capturing the footage to tell the story. If you want to protect your investment and have a witness on your windscreen, we recommend fitting an Nextbase Dash Cam in your car to have your back when it all goes pear shaped on the road. When it comes time to proving what happened in the event of an incident, you can rely on your Nextbase Dash Cam to record crystal clear footage that will pick up number plates, street signs and other important details to potentially strengthen your case.

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