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Reverse Cameras

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Parkmate HD Reversing Camera - RVK43
Hurry Sale Ends - 02/11/2021
Kemax Reversing Camera Universal Fit - RVC1-2
Pioneer Reverse Camera Sensor - RCAM2
Parkmate 5in Wireless Monitor - RVK-50SW
Parkmate Reversing Camera With Front Facing Dash Cam - MCPK-502DVR
Powertrain 4.3 Inch Wireless Reversing Camera - RVC600WL
Powertrain 7 Inch Wireless Reversing Camera - RVC800WL
JVC Multiview Reversing Camera - - KV-CM30
Kenwood Reversing Camera - Multiview - - CMOS-130
Pioneer Reverse Sensor Kit - ND-PS1
Acot500 Reverse Alarm Dual Sound 12-24V - 163B-1224-97-102
Kemax Heavy Duty Reversing Camera LED Lighting - RVC5
Powertrain Reversing Camera With Trailer Kit - RVCTC1
Aerpro Reverse Camera Lead to Suit JVC/Kenwood - G5MRCA
Kemax 4.3 Inch Monitor - RVC4.3M
Powertrain Clip On Reversing Camera With Guidelines - RVC900-1
Powertrain 4.3in. Reversing Camera With Sensors - RVC600S
Powertrain Spare Reverse Camera for 7 Inch Reversing camera - RVC800WLCAM
Kemax 5 Inch Reversing System Monitor - RVC5M
Kemax Variable Track Reversing Camera - RVC6
Showing 1 - 20 of 25 products

Reversing Cameras - See whats behind you

Jealous of modern cars with advanced modern features like dash cameras, reversing cameras and parking sensors? With a range of aftermarket reverse camera models to compare, Repco can equip your car with a reversing camera to negotiate difficult car parks, squeeze into your single car garage and park with confidence. Don't risk any more bumps, scrapes or marks to your rear bumpers paintwork while parking. An aftermarket backup camera is a great way to take the guesswork out of parking, making it easier, safer and less stressful every time you throw the car into reverse.

At Repco, we have a range of reversing cameras from leading brands including Parkmate, Powertrain, Automedia, Kemax and even Kenwood and Pioneer for reverse camera compatible head units. We offer reversing cameras with dash mount monitors, dash cameras that have a reverse camera function and clip-on interior rear view mirrors with a built in reverse camera monitor. They are either wired into your reverse lights so the camera automatically activates or you push buttons whilst reversing to manually operate the camera.

A large vehicle like a 4 wheel drive, van, truck or motor home often have blind spots which make parking very difficult. Some lack an interior rear view mirror and only have side mirrors to guide them when reversing. Adding a reverse camera kit will improve safety by by giving you rear vision and curing blind spots.

Towing - Put a reverse camera on your boat trailer or caravan

Towing is where reverse cameras really help out. In Australia we love to get away with our boat or caravan and this usually involves a road trip. There are camera kits for your boat trailer or caravan that extend the vehicle reverse camera out the back so you can see directly behind you. Reverse cameras are handy when backing onto a trailer as it gives a good view of where the towball is in relation to the trailer hitch.

Wireless reversing cameras is a technology that saves a lot of installation time. It means there is no video cable to run between devices. Another good feature of a lot of cameras are the coloured gridlines that display on the monitor. These assist you when reversing by giving you an idea of the path you are heading down and what you need to avoid.

At Repco we have a reversing camera brand to suit your price. Check our website at you convenience to see our reversing cameras and accessories. Keep an eye out for a discount offer or deals at our next In Car Tech sale. Shop our entire driver assist category to get your car equipped with all the latest safety gear to make driving a breeze or go straight to reverse cameras, alternately if it seems to hard to choose head into your local Repco store for some friendly advice.

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