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Product Description

DR750X-1CH BlackVue DashCam - Single Channel, Full HD 1080p, 60FPS, Wi-Fi, GPS, Parking Mode

The BlackVue DR750X-1CH 1 channel dashcam, an upgraded version of the DR750S-1CH predecessor, is jam packed full of features. The DR750X-1CH includes improved heat resistance, integrated parking and voltage monitoring and wiring kit. The camera uses 2.1MP Sony STARVIS sensor, the HD dashcam will record in crystal clear 1080P high definition resolution at 60 frames per second. This gives more detail to the video, especially when there is a lot of movement. This will come in handy in times where you need to identify details in the footage including license plates, street signs and other little details. The included wiring kit and trim tool will allow for a seamless install.

The wiring kit provides continuous power to the dash camera which is handy when using the parking mode. But don't stress! The DR750X-1CH dash camera has an integrated voltage monitor, so it will not cause your cars battery to run flat. The built-in impact sensor will also detect events, such as a collision, sudden braking and bumps in the carpark. Impact sensor detected events will be locked so that the files cannot be over written. The DR750X-1CH dash cam is the middle tier of the BlackVue Dash Camera range. It's feature-packed and more than capable, especially with these premium features:

  • 1080 Full HD video with Sony STARVIS - Records in Full HD at 1080P resolution at 60FPS. Sony STARVIS sensors provide leading edge video clarity in the day & night
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS - The GPS adds geolocation and speed data to your videos. With Wi-Fi, you can connect your BlackVue with a smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi also let's your camera connect to the cloud server via any home or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • With the integrated parking mode, the dash cam will record events such as bumps & scrapes when the vehicle is parked
  • Integrated voltage monitor will ensure that the dash cam will not drain your car battery flat

BlackVue in car cameras are the world's biggest selling dash cam. This is due to BlackVue dash cams being well known for their first to market technology - including Wi-Fi and Smartphone connectivity. BlackVue bring dashcams into the modern-day and allow you to easily review your dash cam footage on your mobile phone, deeming it unnecessary to download the footage to your computer. every BlackVue dashcam is designed to be simple to operate, sleek and discreet so they fit in with the design of modern car interiors. With their award-winning unique design, you can tuck your BlackVue Dash Cam away behind the rear-vision mirror and allow it to be the non-intrusive witness on your windscreen. All BlackVueDVR dash cams come with a 2-year warranty and are looked after with firmware updates via the BlackVue website.

If you're decking out your car with gadgets make sure you check out the full range of in-car technology including BlackVue Dash Cam, Car Head Units, Reverse Sensors and Cameras.