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Product Description

Parkmate HD Reversing Camera - 4.3 inch screen and 170 degrees of view for optimal parking assistance

Jealous of modern cars with reversing alarms and back up cameras? Want to take the guesswork out of performing those technical reverse parallel parks or reversing the car into the garage? This easy to install reversing camera system instantly transforms out-dated cars lacking modern technology by adding some of the best features of newer, expensive cars. The reverse camera kit includes a 4.3 inch monitor and discreet, hard mountable camera which is fixed to the rear of the vehicle. The back-up camera meets the IP67 waterproof rating which means it will do just fine mounted outside the car and won't fail when subjected to rain, dust, dirt and other road grime. It also offers a whopping 170 degree field of view which makes it easy to all angles behind your vehicle. The camera and monitor are activated when reverse gear is engaged to give you clean, crisp and clear vision of any obstacles or parking spots behind your vehicle. The screen displays gridlines for accurate distance estimation and parking accuracy to make every single park an absolute breeze. The unit also has dual AV inputs, allowing for multiple cameras or video in-puts to maximise view and making parking even easier. The Parkmate kit comes with a basic wiring diagram to get this bit of hit hooked up in no time.

Reversing cameras are ideal for larger vehicles including utes, 4x4s, vans and trucks, some of which don't even have a rear-view mirror, however a reversing camera is a welcomed addition to most passenger cars and smaller hatchbacks or sedans to make the overall driving experience an easier one with a much higher level of confidence when parking. To shop our whole range of in-car tech including dash cams, UHF radios and car audio gear, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today.