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UHF CB Radios are used by everybody from truck drivers, 4x4 enthusiasts and boat owners to Police, Highway Patrol, Fire Services and the military. UHF CB Radios are an essential reliable communication tool. All these users need to know that their radios are fully functional and reliable. They need to know that, in the event of an emergency, their lines of communication remain open. For that reason, when looking to buy a CB radio for the first time, you should always buy a trusted, reputable brand. Similarly, when new radio communication technology that delivers improved performance is introduced, it makes good sense to upgrade.

Aerpro which stands for Aerial professionals, offer a wide range of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories including UHF CB communication accessories, mounting brackets and antennas. With over 30 years manufacturing antennas, their quality and innovation cannot be matched. Aerpro's antennas are manufactured with 100% stainless steel spring and body construction making them suitable for all the harsh conditions that the Australian environment can throw at them.

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