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Clutch Industries Replacement And Performance Clutch Kits

No matter if you have a daily driver, a work ute or van, a 4WD trail hero or high performance big power race car, clutch industries have an option for you! CI have been around since 1951 and has been a popular brand with mechanics, automotive enthusiasts, and race teams supporting clutch replacement and upgrade solutions for every type of driver or vehicle. In front of me I have the range from CI kits that are available online at Repco.

Clutch Industries Replacement clutch Kits

  • Made to suit standard vehicles and daily drivers
  • Direct Replacement clutch kit
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • 2 year warranty

Cl Heavy Duty

  • Suits popular hardworking, modified or tow vehicles
  • 20% increased torque capacity for more bite
  • Great for couriers or tradies that see an increase in payload
  • Value upgrade over standard clutch
  • 3 year parts warranty

4Terrain Heavy Duty

  • Designed for offroad vehicles that demand more clamp and cooling
  • ER2 Grooved pressure plate, this plate works similar to a slotted disc rotor and helps to dissipate heat and gasses to cool the clutch down, as you know, the biggest killer of clutches is heat
  • Improved organic clutch disc for great pedal feel and driveability
  • An average of 28% increase of torque capacity
  • 3 year parts warranty

4Terrain Ultimate

  • Much the same as the 4Terrain Heavy duty but the main difference is the that clutch plate is organic and Cerametalic.
  • The organic side gives great pedal feel while the cerametalic side bites hard and ensures optimal engagement when you need it most giving up to 80% more torque capacity.
  • The same disc can be found in some mantic stage and mantic 9000 series performance clutch kits

Mantic Stage and Mantic 9000

  • Designed and built in-house at CI’s Melbourne facility and aimed at performance cars that demand more torque capacity and surface area
  • Mantic Stage 1 and 2 clutch kits are designed for increased torque capacity and great pedal feel they both include the ER2 Grooved pressure plate found in the 4Terrain clutch kits
  • Stage 1 Street - has Improved organic clutch disc for great pedal feel and driveability
  • Stage 2 Street - has Dual friction, organic on one side and cerametallic on the other for improved bite and up to 80% increase of torque capacity
  • Stage 3 4 and 5 Sport start going into the more hardcore kits that give up to 100% torque capacity but with a compromised pedal feel. You start to see sprung centred cushioned cerametalic plates through to Rigid Centre Un-dampened kits, these are best suited on drift cars and race cars that need the firm engagement at high RPM and horsepower.
  • Mantic also have twin and triple plate kits available in the 9000 series, these are 9 inch kits and include a lightened steel flywheel, and either 2 or 3 plates increase torque capacity. Again available with the organic and cerametallic plates that again help with driveability and pedal feel but then we start getting into the big numbers when we start going all the way through to rigid cerametallic triple plate that can handle up to 3000nm of peak torque

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