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Light Bar or Driving Lights

What You Need To Know.

If you're looking to get your 4x4 kitted out with a serious driving light set-up but can't make the decision between a full-width LED light bar or a couple of LED driving lights, you've come to the right place. This debate is one that has been going on since the dawn of LED vehicle lighting, but we're here to solve it once and for all. While both light bars and spotlights are great additions to any vehicle that regularly drive on poorly lit roads, there are two main differences that seperate these types of lights to suit different driving applications, road types and terrains.


Whether you're driving through the bush to get to your favourite 4x4 track or just cruising down a sealed highway in the dead of night in search of the perfect spot to set up your caravan, a deeper field of vision offers more time to react to potential hazards and a clear view of upcoming corners, bends or intersections. For the most part, this type of long-distance lighting technology is reserved to driving lights, otherwise known as spot lights. The construction of these types of LED lights concentrate a powertful beam of light into a smaller, narrower area which allows them to penetrate into the darkness for a super long distance lighting effect. For distance alone, LED driving lights are the clear winner here but if you're looking for something with a boader spread or light, LED light bars might be the better option for your vehicle.


If you're tackling smaller country roads, difficult 4x4 trails or other tighter, windy roads and tracks, an LED light bar will offer the best lighting for the situation. Where they lack on distance, LED light bars make up for it with their impressive lateral spread of lighting thanks to their wide construction. The linear slignment spreads the beam over a wider area, offering great peripheral illumination so you can not only see what lies instantly in front of your vehicle, you'll also have clear vision of surrounding foliage, potential lines on the 4x4 tracks and even a pesky roo waiting to jump out in front of your car.

Now that the basics are covered in terms of where these types of lights perform best, you should be able to make a decision on which LED lights are best going to suit your vehicle, where you driving and type of driving you do. If you're still having trouble making a decision on what LED lights to buy for your car, we've added some extra points below.

Driving Lights


  • Filters available to change beam pattern or colour
  • More traditional looking aesthetic
  • Covers available to protect when not in use


  • Limited mounting options
  • Larger in size than light bar
  • Potential to restrict radiator air flow

Light Bars


  • Plenty of mounting options
  • Better airflow to radiator
  • Different beam options available


  • No filters available
  • No protective covers available

When kitting out your 4x4 with a set of driving lights or a light bar, we also recommend upgrading your head light globes at the same time. When you encounter on-coming traffic, you'll need to turn off your driving lights so you don't dazzle other drivers. With standard globes, the difference between your driving lights and head lights is huge and can make you feel like you're driving in the dark. Upgraded head lights help to alleviate this when switching between driving lights and headlights momentarily. Shop online or in-store at Repco today for a full range of globes and lighting for your vehicle.

Driving Lights

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