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Rare Spares

27th July 2022 | 14 minutes to read

At Repco we now stock a large range of Rare Spares products to suit a range of vehicles and models to ensure your classic vehicle lives on.

  1. Preserving and Restoring Australia’s Automotive Heritage
  2. From the smallest nut and bolt to the largest body panel, Rare Spares can provide it
  3. Panels & Rust Repair Sections
  4. Lamps & Lenses
  5. Body Rubbers & Seals
  6. Vehicle Decals
  7. Badges
  8. Vehicle Rubber Kits
  9. Bonnent Components
  10. Wheels and Components
  11. Exterior Components
  12. Clips & Fasteners
  13. Door Components
  14. Boot & Tailgate Components
  15. Rare Spares Timeline

Preserving and Restoring Australia’s Automotive Heritage

Whether you lived through the heady days of the 1960’s and 70’s or grew up in the technology filled 80’s and 90’s, the Australian automotive landscape was continually evolving to suit the needs of a rapidly growing country. From single car households to multiple cars in the driveway we have always held an affinity with our cars and a pride that goes with ownership.

Produced in their thousands from Tonsley Park, Broadmeadows, Elizabeth and other locations made the driveways of this nation home to an abundance of Holden, Ford, and Chrysler models each uniquely Australian and capturing the imagination of a generation.

From drive in movies in the back of the Valiant, to cramming into the Holden station wagon for summer holidays or trips to the beach, our collective memories have been dotted with all manner of iconic Australian vehicles. Rumbling V8’s, lurid colours or the sight of vinyl interiors are enough to bring back automotive memories long since forgot, and it is these memories Rare Spares seek to bring to life with their quality range of aftermarket automotive restoration parts.

Keeping your passion for classic cars alive is what Rare Spares do, and whether it be an Aussie Ford or Holden or any of the models they supply, they have the car restoration parts to help. Stocking the widest range of replacement body panels, body rubber kits, car badges and more, makes Rare Spares your go to for quality car restoration products. Manufactured to the highest standards and tested to ensure accurate OEM fitment, gives you the confidence to know that your vehicle will be as good, or better, than when it rolled down the production line all those years ago.

Whether it's grandpa's old Holden needing a full 'body off' restoration or you're just looking for that replacement weatherstrip for your Japanese classic, you will find a continually expanding range of Rare Spares classic restoration parts at Repco.

Founded almost 50 years ago and driven by a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, Rare Spares seeks to enable and enhance the restoration of many of Australia's iconic vehicles. Originally starting with the FX Holden and FJ Holden, their range today cover a wide variety of Australian, British, Japanese, and American cars that have a passionate and dedicated following. Their research and development enable them to continue bringing new parts to an ever-increasing catalogue of vehicles and models ensuring these cars live on. Rare Spares provide the outstanding fit, finish, and quality you require in period correct aftermarket car parts for your vehicle.

rare spares cares holden additive
rare spares goes ford

From the smallest nut and bolt to the largest body panel, Rare Spares can provide it

As the years creep by and classic vehicles of all makes and models become scarce, the need for quality aftermarket parts and components becomes ever more important. Rare Spares recognise this end of life cycle and fill the replacement parts void to keep classic vehicles on the road or allow the restoration of your pride and joy.

Their almost 50 years of continued research and development has led them to master the replication of factory parts, providing you with the quality products to continue your automotive passion. Driven by a desire to produce the best aftermarket parts has seen them endorsed by both Holden and Ford to provide the quality parts to both their dealer networks but also now through the national network of Repco stores.

The harsh Australian environment is unforgiving on every surface, material, or component of your classic vehicle. Even the most pampered one owner car will require the refitting or renewing of a range of parts purely by the technology and materials of the day being inferior to what is produced today.

Rubbers and seals will dry out and perish, panels will trap dirt and moisture leading to rust, and lamps and lenses will fade and discolour leading to a vehicle that is both tired and unroadworthy no matter how well loved it has been.

Once again this is where Rare Spares strive to recreate every part as good, if not better, than original equipment to give your that factory look, feel and finish.

panels & Rust repair Sections

Panels & Rust Repair Sections

Hydraulic Trolley Jacks are the most associated jack when it comes to working on your vehicle in a garage or workshop environment. A true all rounder when it comes to elevating your vehicle, the manoeuvrability of castors or wheels means they can be easily and accurately positioned. Constructed of a range of materials from aluminium, alloy or steel these jacks use a hydraulic mechanism to provide varying lift heights based on piston length. Advantages of these types of car jacks are that they have a wide footprint that ensures stability and with various rated capacities can lift significant loads. Ranging from 1.5 tonne capacities up to 3 tonnes these load ratings will determine what they will be most effective in lifting. Due to the larger footprint of these jacks they are more at home in the garage rather than being transported in the back of your vehicle. The larger 2 and 3 tonne jacks can also weigh significant amounts based on their construction.

Lamps & Lenses

Faded and cracked tail lights and indicators are not just aesthetically unpleasant but a key roadworthy item on your vehicle. Keep your classic car looking pristine, whilst also safe, with the Rare Spares range of replacement lamps and lenses. The harsh Australian sun plays havoc with the plastic on lighting assemblies and these components literally turn to dust when subjected to years of exposure. Use Rare Spares quality replacements to provide clear and safe illumination for both interior and exterior lighting. Designed and tested to conform to ADR standards make using Rare Spares lamps and lenses the safe choice when restoring your classic vehicle.

lamps & Lenses
Body rubbers & Seals

Body Rubbers & Seals

With rubber compounds and technology coming along in leaps and bounds, you can be assured of Rare Spares stocking body rubbers and seals that are made to last. Worn and perished seals are detrimental to panel fit and weather sealing but when needing OEM fit and finish for your vehicle you can trust Rare Spares rubber kits and seals. Researched, developed and test fitted to every single model produced, mean their range of rubbers provide that tight and snug seal.

Vehicle Decals

Authentic body decals and factory stickers are some of the first components to age and weather on your classic vehicle. Subjected to rain, dirt, chemicals, and harsh sun make these small but crucial vehicle stickers flake, crack, and peel long before the rest of your vehicle.

Replace these vehicle decals with quality replacements available from Rare Spares and get that period correct finish with a minimum of fuss. Whether it be an air cleaner decal, an iconic set of side stripes or even a full vehicle decal set, all have been produced to exacting standards and specifications so your classic looks as fresh now as it did when it rolled off the production line.

vehicle decals


Put the icing on your classic vehicle cake with Rare Spares range of quality badges. Whether it be a bonnet badge, boot badge or even a complete badge kit, your restoration is not complete until these crucial pieces are in place. Replicated from original manufacturer mouldings and designed to be an exact match of fitment, finish, and colour mean there will be no points deducted at the local car show judging when you fit these quality replacements. Whether restoring an original classic or producing a replica to pay homage to the icons of yesteryear, the range of badges from Rare Spares finish your project in style.

Vehicle Rubber Kits

Freshly painted bodywork and clean chrome trim require a replacement vehicle rubber kit to suit. Equipped with almost every replacement rubber component for your vehicle, these kits from Rare Spares take the hassle out of vehicle restoration. Why mess around with reusing stretched and worn rubber trims and seals when you can have the entire vehicle specific rubber kit in one helpful pack. Best of all, every replacement rubber product has been designed, tested, and fit to the vehicle in question, ensuring accurate fit and ease of installation. Manufactured in period correct colours and textures make the Rare Spares rubber kits the only option when devoting hours to a quality resto.

vehicle rubber kits

Worn rubbers and perished seals detract from your vehicle whilst allowing dirt, dust, and water to invade interiors and cavities. Keep these contaminants at bay with a quality replacement rubber kit or rubber grommet pack from Rare Spares. Stocking a multitude of rubber products mean whether it be a door rubber, window rubber or weather strip, they have the products developed and tested to provide that snug and tight seal to any panel or component. Replicated from original manufacturer products means the fit, finish and quality are first rate to provide long term durability and weather sealing.

Bonnet Components

Bonnet Components

Pop the bonnet on any classic vehicle and often you will be confronted with an engine and engine bay you could eat off. Don't leave your bonnet out when giving it the first-class treatment Rare Spares products provides. From a replacement bonnet hinge, to a bonnet cable kit or bonnet insulation, their range of bonnet components are manufactured to the highest standards for fit, quality and finish. Producing such iconic parts as the bonnet locking pins of a Falcon or the twin vented bonnet of an early Monaro, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the quality bonnet parts supplied by Rare Spares.

Wheels and Components

Gone are the days of chrome centre caps on steel wheels or chrome dress rings. Whilst every modern car comes equipped with mag wheels from factory, we can all appreciate the simplicity and clean look of period wheels. Get your wheels looking their best with the range of quality wheels and components from Rare Spares. Whether a period correct wheel centre cap kit or a chrome wheel nut set we have all these and more for your classic vehicle. All wheel components are tested for strength, durability, and safety to ensure they don't just look good but provide safe motoring as your clock up the kilometres.

wheel and components
Exterior Components

Exterior Components

Decades of weather exposure, car park mishaps and general wear and tear leave any vehicle exterior looking tired. Give your classic vehicle that new lease on life with Rare Spares range of quality exterior parts. Enjoy fitting replacement door handles, a chrome bumper bar or hundreds of other exterior products that have all been replicated from original factory parts. Whether it be a bumper bar clip set through to the imposing expanse of chrome that is an XY or XW Falcon bumper bar, each part has been developed and produced to be a perfect reproduction ready to bolt straight onto your vehicle.

Clips & Fasteners

No matter how meticulous we can be with our resto, reusing screws, trim clips, and fasteners is fraught with danger. Not just from the age of the components but the structural integrity and suitability of these old parts make them a frustration we can do without. Save yourself the headache with a quality fastener kit or trim clip set from Rare Spares. Designed and tested to be the exact fit, finish, and quality of original equipment you can trust their comprehensive range to make your restoration a breeze. Don't be stuck halfway through a project when that 40-year-old plastic clip gives way, use Rare Spares parts, and give your vehicle the quality it deserves.

clips & fasteners
Door Components

Door Components

Thousands of openings and closings, coupled with just as many windings of windows up and down, pretty much wear every component on the doors of your classic vehicle. Find the right door components at Rare Spares and renew those tired and sagging hinges and mechanisms. Whether it's a replacement door hinge, replacement window regulator or even a replacement door handle Rare Spares have the extensive range to rejuvenate just about every part on your vehicle’s door. Manufactured to the exacting standards of OEM mean your door components will stand up to rigours of years more use, whether daily driver or not.

Boot & Tailgate Components

The boots and tailgates of our classic vehicles don't get much thought until they are rusted, broken, or worn beyond fixing. As a prime candidate for collecting water, dirt, and years of punishment you can count on Rare Spares to provide the vital parts and rust repair sections to fix any problem. Whether it be a replacement boot floor, a quality rubber boot mat or even a boot floor grommet, Rare Spares have these and more for your classic vehicle. All designed and manufactured to OEM standards mean superior fit and finish to your vehicle. Don't be wasting time on old parts or badly finished repairs when Rare Spares can supply brand new boot and tailgate components ready to fit and use.

Boot & Tailgate Components

Your passion for your classic vehicle can be hard to understand for those that see cars as purely a mode of transport. Since 1974 the team at Rare Spares have understood your devotion to ensure that when it comes to producing quality restoration parts, they make no compromises.

Their continual drive to recreate every part as good, if not better, than original equipment means every part, no matter how big or small, is developed, tested, and fit to ensure complete satisfaction. Manufacturing practices have come a long way in the last 70 years and even when new the fit and finish of some vehicles left much to be desired. Rare Spares vigorous manufacturing program both in Australia and overseas mean they are continually refining their products to satisfy the fussiest of restorers and car enthusiasts.

Rare Spares pride themselves on the achievement of the automotive 'ISO9001' quality management system certification program. This means their continued improvement in operations; stock management and cost reductions provide you the benefits of quality parts in stock when you need them.

As the expansion of the Rare Spares footprint continues through their Automotive OEM, Metal Pressing, Moulded Rubber Products, Hose Products and Rare Spares branded automotive aftermarket parts and accessories, Repco are proud to be a part of that journey. With the integration into our business we look forward to supplying the finest aftermarket parts to an even wider base of car enthusiasts.

Covering the best of Australian, American, British, and Japanese marques make Rare Spares your go to for the finest in quality aftermarket auto parts. So, whether it's everything for a ground up rebuild of your chrome bumpered classic, through to replacing a factory specific decal, Rare Spares are an integral part in keeping the automotive heritage of Australia alive.

rare spares

Rare Spares Timeline


Starting in a residential basement, Rare Spares began by supplying new and refurbished parts for 48-FJ Holdens. Before long a move to a Brunswick warehouse occurred, which enabled a vigorous manufacturing program, both locally and abroad.


Ford parts were added to its range and an Australasia wide distributor network was established. A diversification program began with the marketing of its products to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) companies along with the development of an industrial rubber product range.


A move to a more modern and spacious new warehouse and head office facility in Campbellfield, Victoria. This additional capacity gave Rare Spares the much-needed space to expand and develop its range to offer even more parts for more classic vehicles.

April 1997

RSP Automotive & Industrial Pty Ltd were early achievers of the automotive 'ISO9001' quality management system certification program.


Rare Spares commenced its own metal pressing business after the successful acquisition of a Newcastle, NSW based business.


Continued expansion with the purchase of a large secondary modern warehouse in Campbellfield, to house products for the Company’s ever-emerging OEM and Moulded Rubber Products business.

Mid 2006

RSP Automotive & Industrial Pty Ltd was launched with a new logo which recognised the diversity of the company whilst harnessing the synergies between each division, an identity that unmistakably represents every aspect of the business; Automotive OEM, Metal Pressing, Moulded Rubber Products, Hose Products and the Rare Spares branded automotive aftermarket parts and accessories.

May 2021

GPC Asia Pacific / Repco acquire 100% share of Rare Spares. Enabling both superior customer access to Rare Spares quality parts through their nationwide network of stores, this consolidation also provides quicker to market product development through shared resources.

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