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CRC Aerostart - A specially blended formula to easily start tired engines

CRC Aerostart a starting fluid which is uses a highly effective formula to help start neglected engines that need an extra bit of encouragement. CRC Aerostart is a balanced formulation which combines volatile solvents, upper cylinder lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, each designed to play a vital role in engines which have been sitting for extended periods. The handy 150g can is a perfect size to keep in the glove box or storage compartment of any cars, boats, trucks, buses, tractors, chainsaws or any petrol or diesel powered engines. Simply have someone spray it into your car's air intake whilst cranking the start motor and watch your car rumble into life! Older vehicles and fuel system components when they've past their use by, for occasional vehicles or just to move them around the workshop or garage, Aerostart is great for getting those tired motors running. Starting fluid can also be necessary for perfectly healthy vehicles that have been sitting for some time. Fuel systems often run dry or will form air bubbles meaning that the fuel system can't build pressure and operate correctly. Aerostart will effectively allow the engine to run without its normal fuel supply, but once running will eventually build pressure and draw fuel from its own tank. Starting spray is also great to keep in the car when you're hitting the slopes in the snow season as cold conditions can also make it harder for engines to start, the same can be said for excessively humid conditions in the tropics.

To view our whole range of fuel additives, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

As a leader in product quality, performance and regulatory compliance, CRC's product line offers the best of the best when it comes to workshop consumables such as lubricants, cleaners and gasket makers for use on all types of automotive surfaces, materials and parts. The research and development team at CRC are continually innovating, researching and testing their products to provide you with the best results to get your job done faster, easier, and ultimately safer every time you use their products. CRC industries' on-site manufacturing procedures allows optimal quality control of all products and production processes to ensure there are no defects or nasty surprises when using their products on your cars. Their whole library of raw materials and finished goods are subject to the highest, most stringent testing and critiquing by their quality control department, guaranteeing you a quality result every time you use a CRC product.

With a massive range to accomplish any number of tasks in your garage from cleaning up oil spills and stains, assembling a fresh engine for your project car or even cleaning your windows, CRC have a product to make the process simple and fast. Whilst CRC's products are most at home in the garage, shed or workshop, their uses are only limited to your imagination. Just some of the products offered by CRC include:

  • Carburettor cleaner
  • Engine assembly lube
  • Contact Cleaner
  • Spray adhesive
  • Starting fluid
  • Brake cleaner
  • RTV gasket sealer
  • Degreaser

To get your garage kitted out with a collection of CRC products and be ready to tackle any task, shop the CRC Industries range online or head into your l