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Product Description

Nulon Octane Boost & Clean

Using Nulon Octane Boost & Clean as a regular maintenance product will ensure your vehicle regains lost performance, starts easier and runs smoother by dissolving injector and combustion chamber deposits that cause poor performance and rough running. By also boosting the octane rating of your fuel by up to 2.5 numbers can help engine preignition or detonation, also called pinging which is harmful to engine life. Compatible to E10, E70, E85 & 100 RON bio-fuels ensures one 300ml bottle will treat up to 60 litres of fuel and is safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors.

The market is awash with gearbox or engine additives offering all types of fixes and solutions to a range of problems encountered across vehicles new and old. Whether it be to stop smoky engines, clean your fuel system or to quieten a noisy gearbox, Nulon have developed and tested products that stand above the crowd and offer quality additives that will enhance, protect or clean many key components or assemblies in your car. Using some of Australia's most advanced additive technology Nulon create premium ranges of engine and fuel treatments that can increase performance, restore normal operation and maintain reliability. When the costs of diagnosis or repair on any area of your engine or gearbox can run into the thousands of dollars it pays to invest in the preventative maintenance offered by their range of cleaners and fuel treatments. If your vehicle has already developed oil leaks, is worn or is low on power it would then be worthwhile to seek one of their quality range of engine additives.

For over 40 years Nulon have continued to refine and develop their range and offer products that suit a vast array of applications. Shop online and use our click and collect service to pick up at your nearest store within 30 minutes or come instore and browse the full range of quality Nulon treatments or additives.

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