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Penrite Fuel Detox 250ML - ADDTOX000250

SKU: A5538147

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  • Protects fuel system from gum, varnish and other deposits
  • Dispels moisture and micro-biological organisms
  • Cleans and lubricates injectors and pumps
  • Stabilises fuel for up to 5 years for diesel and 2 years for petrol
  • Suitable for all fuel types
  • Decreases particulate matter reducing catalyst regeneration
  • Reduces emissions, improves fuel economy and restores power
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Penrite Fuel Detox

Penrite's Fuel Detox is a highly concentrated diesel fuel additive specifically designed to clean up and maintain the fuel system in a wide range of equipment, including if there is biological contamination. Fuel Detox cleans and lubricates injectors and pumps, dispels moisture and micro-biological organisims, protecting your fuel system from gum, varnish and other harmful deposits. Penrite Fuel Detox stabillies fuel for up to five years for diesel and two years for petrol and is suitable for all fuel types.

Repco's range of fuel additives cover a number of options to ensure your car performs to its potential and provides long term benefits as you clock up the kilometres. Products such as octane booster and fuel injector cleaner are both worthwhile additions to any tank of fuel while many of the fuel stabiliser products can help with providing longer term protection for your vehicle. We have the range and quality brands to make sure you get the right additive for your application at a great price.

Caring for your cars performance and helping to keep those substantial fuel bills down are just 2 areas where running a quality additive through your fuel system will pay dividends in both the short and long terms. As we fill up our cars weekly with fuel we give minimal thought to the long term build up of deposits and harmful contaminants in the fuel injectors and other critical parts of the fuel system. This is where a quality fuel additive or injector cleaner can help restore that lost power and assist in smoother engine idling and power delivery. Both new and old vehicles can benefit from regular doses of these additives and with the modern science providing real world examples of the effectiveness of these it pays to keep a bottle or 2 handy for ongoing top ups.

Browse online or come into a Repco store near you to view the range and purchase one of the many quality fuel additives we stock. We have the solutions at hand to get your car running and performing at its peak.

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