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Goss Chem-i-Weld Coolant Stop Leak 325ml - 13A

SKU: A4353854

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  • Permanently seals small cracks & flaws in cylinder heads, blocks & other castings.
  • Effective on aluminium, cast iron, steel, brass, bronze and copper castings
  • Works by hardening on exposure to air in a confined space

Don't lose your cool, fix coolant leaks with Goss Chem-i-Weld

When used as directed, Chem-i-Weld will permanently repair existing cracks, flaws and porosity in automotive cylinder heads, blocks and other cooling system castings. It works by hardening on exposure to air in a confined space and will continue to harden in the leak area back to the main body of water.

Chem-i-Weld contains a 'meal' which acts as a filler to restrict the water flow through large leaks (much the same as the bushremedy of sealing radiator leaks with pepper) so that the Chem-i-Weld has a chance to reduce the liquid flow and harden. Chem-i-Weld's red colour comes from ferric oxide, a powder which acts as a much finer filler, hence the name CHEMIcal WELDing COMPOUND.

Repco's extensive range of leading brand radiator stop leaks and cooling system flushes will give you the solutions you need to ensure your vehicles radiator and cooling system remain cool and trouble free.

As with many vital components in your vehicle the cooling system and radiator require more than just ensuring the coolant levels are topped up at each service. Coolants over time break down and lose their effectiveness as with any fluid that your vehicle requires. When this happens your vehicle many suffer from overheating and this in turn may lead to damage of internal parts such as water pumps or in the event of coolant loss more significant issues such as blown head gaskets. By using a quality cooling system flush and running this through your vehicle every 3-5 years will ensure the dirt and rust build up is removed and will allow your new coolant to keep your car cool and your internal components free from corrosion. Alternatively if you have cooling system issues and you coolant levels drop over time this may require a stop leak additive to repair this. These additives work by running through your coolant system and reacting with exposure to air which in turn forms a seal to block the coolant loss.

At Repco we have the radiator additive solutions to ensure you remain on the road and with a store near you we can help get you sorted sooner. Browse online or shop in store to choose the right product for your car and at a price to suit any budget.

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