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CRC Stuff Off Adhesive Remover 500ml - 8270

SKU: A5489046

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  • Powerful cleaner/stripper designed to soften or dissolve paints & most adhesives, uncured laminating resins & uncured sealants.
  • Can be used on steel, metal, wood, fabric, carpet, brick & stone
  • Removes grease, inks paint spills & graffiti
  • Gel formula helps it cling to vertical surfaces

CRC Stuff Off Adhesive Remover - Great for removing paint, adhesive, grease and sealants from a variety of surfaces with ease

CRC's Stuff Off Adhesive Remover is the go-to when budging pesky, unwanted adhesives and paints. Packaged in a handy 500ml spray can, Stuff Off cleaning spray is easy to apply and modulate so you don't use more than you need to. Simply spray it onto the affected area and the gel-like formula clings to the surface which means it's also ideal for vertical applications as it won't simply run or drip off. Stuff Off Adhesive Remover is best applied directly to the culprit surface so we recommend keeping a cloth handy to wipe off overspray from any surfaces that you don't want to remove paint or other coatings from. When using as a paint remover, allow Stuff Off to work its magic for 15-30 seconds before wiping it off, for cured adhesives CRC recommend up to 15 minuets as they're a bit tougher to budge. These tougher tasks might require a bit more brute force, CRC recommend a pressure washer once the Stuff Off has loosened the adhesive as much as possible. If it still won't budge, repeat the process as necessary. Stuff Off is compatible with use on metals, timber, fabric, carpet and masonry which means it's suited to a whole range of applications for tasks around the car or on the worksite, the possibilities are endless. Stuff Off will effectively remove adhesives, paints, graffiti, inks, resins, grease and uncured sealants which would otherwise be a mammoth task to remove. CRC's products are to all skill levels, from professional to home DIYer. To shop our whole range of adhesives and sealants, visit the website today or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly team today.

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