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Mobil 1 ESP Full Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil 5L - 143301

SKU: A5604099

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  • Low Ash content, helps to reduce particulate build-up in Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Low Sulphur and Phosphorous content, helps to reduce poisoning of Gasoline Catalytic Converters
  • Active cleaning agents Helps to reduce deposits and sludge build-up to enable long and clean engine life
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability Helps to extended drain interval protection
  • Low oil consumption formulation, Less hydrocarbon pollution, enhanced frictional properties, aids fuel economy

Mobil 1 ESP Full Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil 5L

Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 an advanced performance synthetic engine oil designed to help provide exceptional cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance. Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 has been expertly engineered to help prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of emission systems in both diesel and gasoline powered automobiles. Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 meets or exceeds the requirements of many leading industry and car manufacturers' standards required for newer modern diesel and gasoline powered passenger car engines. Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 is made with a proprietary blend of leading edge components formulated to be fully compatible with the latest Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) and Gasoline Catalytic Converters (CAT's). Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 has been designed to help deliver outstanding performance and protection in conjunction with fuel economy benefits. This product has the following approvals: VW 504 00. VW 507 00, PORSCHE C30 This product has the following approvals: PSA B712290, GM dexos2, MB-Approval 229.3, MB-Approval 229.51,MB-Approval 229.52 This product is recommended for use in applications requiring: API CF VW 502 00, VW 503 00, VW 503 01, VW 505 00, VW 506 00 This product meets or exceeds the requirements of: API SN, API SM, API SL, API SJ, ACEA C2, ACEA C3, ILSAC GF-5 ENGINE TEST REQUIREMENTS

As pioneers in the engine oil market since the 70's, Mobil 1 remains a world leading synthetic motor oil brand, delivering on almost 50 years of real-world testing, refinement and engineering. With Formula One being the main performance testing ground for Mobil 1 Oil since 1978 and with Red Bull Racing as its technology partner, Mobil 1 have used their real-world testing results and trackside lab to analyse fluid performance and refine their oil compounds to perform just as well on the street in your road car as they do in some of the most highly strung racing applications in the world. Just some of the other motorsport partners that Mobil 1 work with include Bentley Motorsport, Porsche Motorsport, Walkinshaw Andretti United (Australian Supercars Championship) and Wall Racing (Australian TCR Series). When world leading manufacturers demand the most from their performance engines, they look to Mobil 1 for their engine oil. If you specify the best in on-road performance, longevity and service life for your car, Mobil 1 is definitely one to consider. Mobil 1's anti-wear properties and tri-synthetic temperature resistant compounds are unsurpassed. Mobil 1 is formulated using the highest grade base oil stocks and is then combined with an array of proprietary additive packages that offer far greater protection for your engine than other synthetic motor oils. Don't settle for 'good enough' when you could have Mobil 1. Next time you're servicing your car, make sure you stock up on Mobil 1 motor oil to keep your engine running smoothly and reliably.

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