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20W-50 Super Diesel Engine Oil

Nulon Mineral 20W-50 Super Diesel Engine Oil is formulated to provide the highest level of protection for old or worn diesel engines, large or small, naturally aspirated or turbocharged. It is ideally suited to vehicles that have travelled higher kilometres and require the added wear protection or oil loss prevention of a higher viscosity engine oil. Nulon Mineral 20W-50 Super Diesel Engine Oil can also be used in higher ambient temperatures or prolonged hot running conditions, for when you're in the outback for days on end or just stuck in melbourne's traffic on a scorching 42 degree summers day.

Nulon knows cars, engines and what drives them, they know the process is never complete, the ideas that keep us up at night, restless for new solutions, more power, more traction and more reliability. This condition has made Nulon create some of the highest performance and sought after oils and lubricants in the world. They're constantly testing them in the motorsport scene where all of those late nights pay off. With all of that time, process and dedication putting your car together, Nulon know that protecting your vehicle's engine and driveline components is your number one priority, it's theirs too. Nulon is still creating. Still bettering. Why? Because we were Born This Way. Whether your passion is your modern European daily driver, blown V8 street machine, sports car, classic weekend hills car or high-tech Japanese drift car, Nulon share it and understand.

Nulon's vast range consists of: Engine Oils, Pro Strength Treatments including Fuel and Oil Additives, Coolants, Motorbike Oils, Race Oils, Gear Oils, Aerosols and Brake Fluids. Find the Nulon range online or at your nearest Repco store.


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