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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now

Penrite HPR 30 20W-60 Engine Oil 5L - HPR30005

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  • Extra Ten provides an extra layer of engine protection
  • Full zinc additive package for superior engine wear protection
  • Suitable for use with petrol, LPG, diesel and E10 as well as many racing fuels
  • Reduces oil consumption and maintains oil pressure
  • Longer engine life by reducing formation of high temperature engine deposits
  • Competition proven and trusted protection for racing engines
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Penrite HPR 30 20W-60 Engine Oil - The latest high-performance additive technology

Penrite HPR 30 is a premium high-performance mineral, non-friction modified, SAE 20W-60 engine oil. It features a double layer of engine wear protection with full zinc (approx. 1600 ppm levels) and Penrite's advanced Extra Ten technology. Protects against corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge under all operating conditions. HPR 30 exceeds API SM/CF requirements, as well as many manufacturers' specifications. HPR is often the go to choice for older vehicles with lower tolerances and higher kilometres. HPR 30 is available in a 1 Litre, 5 litre and 20 litre bottles.

Need a high-performance engine oil for your car? Penrite HPR is Penrite's premium range of engine oil which have been specially formulated to offer the ultimate protection in even the toughest of Australian driving conditions. With unique double-layer engine wear protection which combines full zinc and Penrite's unique Extra Ten technology for increased performance when compared with standard grade oils. Extra Ten Technology increases the operating temperature of the oil from its normal SAE rating to a higher level, allowing your oil to be more stable at higher operating temperatures without thinning out to maintain oil film strength and amazing engine protection when you need it the most. The Penrite HPR range features oils of varying viscosities and types depending on the application to cover a wide range of vehicle and engine types to ensure there's a HPR option for your car. From modern fuel efficient engines to common rail injection diesel family cars or even full blown super cars, race cars and built competition machines, there's a Penrite HPR option for your engine.

From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia in the 1920s, Penrite are one of the most recognisable lubrications suppliers and remain to be Australian made and owned to this day. With a wealth of lubrication solutions to suit all types of car, truck, bike and various other machinery, Penrite have the fluids to get your vehicle running smoothly, reliably, and cleanly. Many of the Penrite oils and fluids are OEM certified and retain vehicle warranty when used to service vehicles within their warranty period. Penrite oils have been tested, refined, and perfected with lab testing and real-world circumstances which sees their oils pushed to their absolute limits all with the goal to look after your engine. Penrite also offer a range of gear oils, transmission fluids, engine additives and so much more. To shop our range of oils and fluids and filters to get stuck into servicing your car and changing your engine oil, browse the Repco website using the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

When looking at the HPR range of Penrite oil here are some of the more commonly asked questions.

Q. What is the difference between HPR, Classic and Shelsley oils?

Answer: Penrite manufacture lubricants for all applications. This includes manufacturing oils for vehicles of all ages and driving conditions. The HPR range of oils are late specification HIGH detergency oils designed for modern vehicle applications and service intervals. The Classic Range are LOW detergency oils designed for vehicles made between WWII and 1990. The Shelsley range are ULTRA LOW detergent oils deigned for Pre -WWII technology engines, especially those not having oil filters.

The Classic and Shelsley range also feature an increased amount of anti-corrosion and rust inhibitor and a tacky additive to better protect cars that are kept in storage for longer periods. Heritage oils are mono grade and designed for pre-1920's vehicles. These should not be used in anything post 1920.

Q. What is Extra Ten?

Answer: Every multigrade engine oil has two numbers in its SAE Viscosity. Examples of this are 5W-30, 10W-40 & 20W-50. The first number in the sequence followed by the “W” is the oils cold starting viscosity eg (5W-?) where the “W” stands for “Winter”.

The second and higher number in the sequence is the oils operating temperature eg (?W-40). The second number in the SAE viscosity sequence is measured at 1000 Centigrade. The higher the second number, the less the oil thins out when the engine gets to operating temperature.

The Penrite “Extra Ten” increases the operating temperature of the oil from the normal SAE ratings to a higher level. Where 5W-30 is normal, Penrite will make a 5W-40, 10W-40 will become 10W-50 on so on. This is the Penrite Extra Ten!

Why do Penrite do this?

With all engine oils, as the engine warms up, the oil gets thinner as it gets hotter. The thinner it gets, the less film strength there is between moving parts. To protect the engine from wear, the less the oil thins out, the better the film strength and hence less chance of wear on the internal engine parts. This is particularly important if the engine is placed under severe operating conditions such as towing, competition, stop/start conditions, heavy traffic or operates in high ambient temperature conditions such as we experience in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Is Extra Ten New?

No, Extra Ten is not new. In fact, Penrite developed “Extra Ten” back in the early 1980¿s when developing oils that were suitable to the warmer climatic conditions found in the Asia Pacific region. Oils suitable for the colder European and North American conditions were not suitable for vehicles running in Australia and were the cause of many problems in some engines. HPR 50 developed by Penrite owner John Dymond, was the first product to have the “Extra Ten” to greatly increase the life span of engines during this period. HPR 50 was followed by HPR 40, the HPR 30, that all featured this extra protection.

The “Extra Ten” in the oils heat range improves the film strength of the oil at operating temperature. As the oil heats up and thins out, the heat build-up can cause a breakdown of the oil. This results in increased friction, increased temperatures and oil breakdown that can be the cause of unwanted engine damage. Penrite products with the “Extra Ten” and superior heat range are not as likely to break down and cause friction due to heat build-up as do lower rated oils.

Q. What is a DOUBLE LAYER of Protection?

Answer: The Penrite DOUBLE LAYER of PROTECTION is standard on all HPR engine oils. It combines FULL ZINC with Penrite's EXTRA TEN technology to provide an increased level of protection compared with standard grade engine oils.

Q. I want to use a Penrite oil in my vehicle, but it is not recommended on your Rego search for my vehicle. How do I find out if it is suitable?

Answer: Our Product Selector will show our preferred and some alternative products most suited for each application, based upon the manufacturer requirements. The Product Selector cannot show every suitable oil for some vehicles.

To find out whether a non-recommended oil is suitable for your vehicle, check the vehicle specification requirements by looking in the owner's manual. It will generally give the correct specification, suitable oil viscosity grades and any other information such as a manufacturer specification, base oil type etc. If these match the oil you have selected, then that oil should be suitable for use in your vehicle.

If you are not sure about whether or not a particular oil is suitable, then call the Penrite Technical Assistance Line on 1300 736 748 and they will be able to advise you as to the suitability for your particular application.

Q. What is the difference between Synthetic Engine Oil, Semi Synthetic and Mineral Engine Oil?

Answer: Mineral oils are made from refined crude oil. Semi Synthetic use a mixture of Mineral and Full Synthetic Crude oil. Full Synthetic is manufactured from 100% synthetic base stocks. Synthetic oils are better at handling higher temperatures, are better suited to lower viscosity oils and have a higher viscosity index than mineral oils, meaning they flow better when cold. Full synthetic oil is produced by the refinement process of base oils to produce a more uniform structure of oil molecules. By having this purity ensures the performance of these engine oils to be more resistant to oxidation and break down at high temperatures which enables greater protection across a range of operating conditions. This uniformity of molecules within synthetic engine oil also provides longer life stability of the viscosity which protect against engine wear and oil consumption over time.

Q. What is Full Zinc / Full Zinc+?

Answer: FULL ZINC is an anti-wear additive package and is defined as anything over 1000 Parts Per Million (PPM) zinc levels or 0.1% mass content.

FULL ZINC + is an anti-wear additive package for ultimate engine wear protection containing optimum zinc levels and boron to lift the total level of anti-wear package additives to over 1800+ ppm or 0.18+% mass content.

Zinc is part of an anti-wear additive used to coat metal surfaces and be a sacrificial agent against wear. Penrite products containing FULL ZINC have between 1000 - 1600 ppm (parts per million) of zinc. Penrite 10 Tenths Racing and Premium Full Synthetic Oils contain FULL ZINC+, which have optimised zinc levels plus boron and an organomolybdenum complex (Racing 0 & 5 only), to lift the total level of the anti-wear package to over 1800+ ppm for the Premium FS range and 2200+ ppm for the Racing range.

Together with FULL ZINC and EXTRA TEN, this combination provides an EXTRA LAYER or DOUBLE LAYER of engine wear protection over normal engine oils at operating temperature. This ADDED LAYER of protection from FULL ZINC and EXTRA TEN improves wear protection and engine longevity.


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