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Gear Oils

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Valvoline Duragear 75W-85 Gear Oil 4L - 1264.04
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Valvoline Duragear 75W-90 Gear Oil 1L - 1263.04
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Penrite Pro Gear GL4 75W-90 2.5L - PROGL40025
Penrite Pro Gear 80W-140 2. 5L - PROG801400025
Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90 2. 5L - GO80900025
Castrol VMX-M Manual Transmission Fluid 75W-85 4L - 3377682
Penrite Trans Gear 75W-80 2. 5L - TG75800025
Penrite Trans Gear 75W-90 2. 5L - TG75900025
Penrite Pro Gear 75W-85 2. 5L - PROG75850025
Castrol Limited Slip 90 Gear Oil 4L - 3376743
Penrite Pro Gear GL-5 75W-85 2. 5L - PROGL50025
Penrite Gear Oil 140 2. 5L - GO1400025
Castrol EPX Axle Oil 80W-90 4L - 3375405
Penrite Pro Gear 75W-90 2. 5L - PROG75900025
Castrol Universal Manual Transmission Fluid 80W-90 4L - 3375564
Penrite Gear Oil 85W-140 2. 5L - GO851400025
Penrite Pro Gear 70W-75 2. 5L - PROG70750025
Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90 1L - GO8090001
Gear Oil Semi Synthetic 75W-90 5L - RSEMISYN75W90-5
Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90 20L - GO8090020
Showing 1 - 20 of 105 products
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Quality Gear Oils to suit every vehicle and application

Putting the right oil into your gearbox or differential is the difference between a jarring or grinding experience and a smooth and slick ride. Repco stock a range of leading brands (Penrite, Castrol, Shell, Repco & Valvoline) in a variety of viscosities and grades to ensure that changing gear oils will give you the protection and smooth operation you require for your car, van or 4wd.

Vehicles on the road today can be subjected to a wide range of temperature and climatic conditions and ensuring that the fluids you run are up to the task mean getting the right grade of gear oil for your gearbox or differential. A monograde gear oil can be suitable for many normal operating temperatures but a multigrade oil can be used in warmer and colder temperatures to protect your vehicles gears and components. There are also many grades of viscosity such as 75w90 which means that dependant on usage will vary from rather thin oils used in high tolerance gearboxes through to heavier weight oils used in more heavy duty load applications. These varying grades of viscosity are important, as whilst there is always a preference to go for a heavier weight oil for added protection this may not provide the lubrication requirements for the application and this too can restrict your vehicles performance.

Repco stock a vast array of gear oils to cover any application and with the use of our Rego Search option online or in store will allow you to locate the correct grade and viscosity for your vehicle. Now with our click and collect and home delivery options we can get these oils to you sooner and with a minimum of hassle. If you need further information or to select the right option come in store today to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the gear oil options available.