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Power Steering Fluid

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Valvoline Formula F Power Steering Fluid 1L - 9012.01
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Valvoline Fluid-Power Steering 350ml - 8631
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Penrite Power Steering Fluid 500mL - PSF0005
Castrol Power Steering Fluid 500mL - 3381662
Penrite Power Steering  Fluid 1L - PSF001
Penrite HPSO (Honda Power Steering Oil) Fluid 1L - HPSO001
Penrite LDAS Power Steering Fluid 1L - LDAS001
Repco Power Steering Fluid 500mL - RPSF-05
Penrite PAS Power Steering Fluid 1L - PAS001
Penrite LHM Plus Power Steering Fluid 1L - LHMP001
Nulon Power Steering Fluid 500mL
Nulon Synthetic Power Steering Fluid 500ml - PSFMV
Nulon Power Steering Fluid 1L
Penrite Power Steering Fluid 20L - PSF020
Prestone Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak
Prestone Power Steering Fluid to suit European Vehicles
Prestone Power Steering Fluid to suit Asian Vehicles
Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products

Come into Repco for a great range of power steering fluids

At Repco we stock all the leading brands such as Penrite, Castrol, Valvoline and Nulon to ensure you find the right power steering fluid for your vehicle and keep you steering out of trouble. With many varying lubrication standards and additives in our power steering fluids we can ensure you have the right grade for the specifications of your car, truck, van or 4wd.

In the past it was common for manufacturers to use a generic power steering fluid for all applications but as technology and requirements have changed so have the formulations and standards that are now necessary. There is also the consensus that automatic transmission fluid can be and are used for power steering fluid. This is also not entirely correct as although they are both hydraulic fluid they may share varying detergent and friction modifier properties and using ATF in your power steering pump and rack can damage the seals and valving in those components. Always be sure to consult your vehicle handbook or the manufacturer specifications to ensure you are choosing the right power steering fluid for your requirements

Repco stock a vast array of power steering fluids to cover any application and with the use of our Rego Search option online or in store will allow you to locate the right specifications for your vehicle. Now with our click and collect and home delivery options we can get these to you sooner and with a minimum of hassle. If you need further information or to select the right option come in store today to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the right options available.