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Transmission Fluid

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Castrol Dextron 3 Automatic Transmission Fluid 4L - 3381101
Hurry Sale Ends - 01/12/2020
Penrite FS MultiVehicle ATF 4L - ATFFS004
Hurry Sale Ends - 01/12/2020
Valvoline MaxLife Automatic Transmission Fluid 4L - 1129.04
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Valvoline DX-3 Auto Trans Fluid 4L - 1215.04
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Valvoline MaxLife Auto Trans Fluid 20L - 1129.20
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Valvoline DX-3 Automatic Transmission Fluid 1L - 1215.01
Hurry Sale Ends - 28/11/2020
Penrite ATF LV 4L - ATFLV004
Penrite MHP MultiVehicle ATF 4L - ATFMHP004
Castrol Dextron 3 Automatic Transmission Fluid 1L - 3381100
Penrite DXIII MultiVehicle  ATF 4L - ATFDX3004
Repco Dex 3 Auto Trans Fluid 5L - RATFD3-5
Penrite MHP MultiVehicle ATF 20L - ATFMHP020
Penrite ATF BMV 4L - ATFBMV004
Castrol Transmax TQ95 Automatic Transmission Fluid 4L - 3371506
Automatic Transmission Fluid Full Synthetic 5L - RFULLSYNATF-5
Castrol Transmax Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid 4L - 3371183
Penrite CVT Low Fluid 4L - CVTLOW004
Penrite ATF LV 1L - ATFLV001
Penrite DCT Fluid 4L - DCTF004
Penrite CVT Fluid V 4L - CVTV004
Showing 1 - 20 of 85 products
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Shift into the right gear with Repco's extensive range of transmission fluids

Topping up or changing your transmission fluid is made simple with our many market leading brands such as Penrite, Castrol, Shell and Valvoline providing a vast array of automatic transmission fluid to suit your vehicle and your driving conditions. Using the right grade and viscosity will ensure your transmission shifts strongly and eliminate the more costly issues of transmission slipping, grinding or jumping during acceleration.

As our roads become filled with more and more vehicles using automatic transmissions these units have become more mechanically complex and computer driven from the auto transmissions of old. With these new advances it has become necessary to also provide transmission fluids that cover the vast array of specifications demanded by manufacturers. Modern automatic transmissions are now exceedingly expensive to fix so it pays to ensure your automatic transmission fluid or ATF is always topped up as any potential issue will be magnified if this becomes low. If your car is having trouble engaging gears, it has developed a whine or a clunking whilst in gear or if it smells like it's burning then checking your transmission fluid level is a good place to start before it has the possibility of developing into a more expensive and possibly terminal issue.

Repco stock a vast array of tranmission fluids to cover any application and with the use of our Rego Search option online or in store will allow you to locate the right fluid for your vehicle. Now with our click and collect and home delivery options we can get these to you sooner and with a minimum of hassle. If you need further information or to select the right transmission fluid come in store today to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the options available.