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Repco Ignition - Win
Repco Ignition - Win

Repco DEX III ATF - Superior lubrication and smooth shifting

For reliable performance, smooth, consistent shifting and all-round lubrication protection for your auto trans, Repco ATF DEX III is the way to go. Genuine Repco Quality offers a longer life due to careful base oil selection, ensuring up to 160,000km worth of use in most popular vehicles, saving on servicing costs and down-time when changing your transmission fluid. Repco automatic transmission fluid prevents clutch shudder in modulate torque converters for a smooth, cruisy ride without annoying vibrations or lurching from your gearbox. It features great low-temperature fluidity, offering excellent lubrication even when cold to prevent damage during start up to protect your transmission and allow smooth shifting for years to come. Repco DEX III ATF is compatible with all popular seal and gasket materials to ensure leak free operation and no nasty surprises or driveway stains.

Just like your engine, your car's transmission is one of the integral parts of your car's driveline. Transferring the engine power into useable power, the transmission allows your car to have the necessary power across various speeds for comfortable driving. Without the proper maintenance, costly damage can occur to your transmission resulting in poor fuel economy, annoying slipping, lack of power, hard / aggressive shifting or even total failure, rendering your car useless. Servicing your transmission with Repco transmission fluid not only offers great protection and lubrication for your transmission, allowing it to operate smoothly and efficiently, it also prolongs the life of the gearbox and allows it to function correctly for years to come. When replacing the fluid in your automatic gearbox, we recommend also fitting a replacement filter kit to maximise the life of your fluid and prevent the need for premature fluid changes.

To shop our whole range of oils, fluids and filters to get your car serviced at home, browse the website with the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.