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Product Description

Toledo Oil Filter Wrench Cup Style Set

One of the main components of any routine servicing, no matter what car you drive, is changing your oil filter. Filtering your engine's lubrication system allows for clean, smooth operation while keeping any engine contaminants at bay rather than damaging engine components as a result of dirt, sludge or metal deposits. Replacing your oil filter by hand can at often times be difficult due to access issues or over tightness, not to mention the inevitable mess of the excess oil.

Professional 9 piece oil filter cup wrench set suitable for passenger and light commercial vehicles.


  • 1x 305104 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 27mm 6 Flutes
  • 1x 305106 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 32mm 6 Flutes
  • 1x 305107 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 36mm 6 Flutes
  • 1x 305133 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 64.5mm 14 Flutes Suits Toyota 4 cyl no.1
  • 1x 305200 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 64.5mm 14 Flutes Suits Toyota V6 and V8 no.2
  • 1x 305135 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 74.2mm 14 Flutes
  • 1x 305136 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 86.6mm 16 Flutes
  • 1x 305134 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - 88.8mm 15 Flutes
  • 1x 305137 Oil Filter Cup Wrench - Adjustable 63-83mm

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