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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now
Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now


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Oil Pans & Funnels

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Gearup Oil Change Pan 8L - GUDP8L
Gear Up Oil Change Pan 10Ltr - GUDP10L
Gear Up 3pc Oil Change Kit - GUOCK3
Mechpro Big Mouth Funnel - MPFBIGM
Mechpro Round Flexible Funnel 14cm - MPFFLEX
Mechpro Long Multi-Purpose Funnel - MPFLNG
Mechpro Oil Drip Tray 87cm x 37cm - DT01
Mechpro Square Locking Funnel - MPFSQU
Mechpro Multi-Purpose Funnel - MPFMULTI
Mechpro 3pc Round Funnel Set - MPF3PC
Mechpro Round Plastic Funnel 14cm - MPFPLAST
Mechpro 3 in 1 Funnel with Strainer - MPF3IN1
Mechpro Giant Funnel - MPFGNT
Mechpro Super Quick Fill Funnel - MPFQUICK
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products

Easy fluid transfer solutions with our range of quality oil pans and funnels at Repco

Whether going in to, or coming out of, your engine, the safe and clean transfer of oil and fluids makes any job that much easier. Choosing the right sized funnel or oil pan ensures a minimum of mess and spillage as you go about your vehicle maintenance, and here at Repco we have the vast range to suit your requirements.

Satisfaction of a job done well ranks pretty highly and especially when it saves you time and money. Many of the oil and fluid changes that need to occur can be done at home and equipping yourself with the right gear helps immensely. No more slopping oil or coolant into narrow filler necks when you have the right sized funnel to assist and ensure all liquid ends up in your vehicle not on it. Not only is spilt oil and coolant a mess to clean up it also creates potential hazards such a possible combustion for oil and slips and falls from coolant on the garage floor.

Once the fluid is in your vehicle you need to periodically drain and refill these. This is where a good deep oil drain pan plays its part to make these changes a breeze. Equipped with both a large capacity and a handy pouring spout enables you to drain and then transfer your fluids to a bottle or drum for safe transport to your nearest waste oil or recycling centre.

So browse and shop online or come in store to Repco today and check out our range of oil pans and funnels. Whilst you browse also ensure you have the right oil filter wrench to help you complete the task. Whether coolant or transmission fluid we have the right solutions to pour, drain or transfer your fluids.

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