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Gear Up 3pc Oil Change Kit - GUOCK3

SKU: A9544281
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  • 8L drain pan with filter drain shelf
  • Oil filter wrench with swivel handle 63-76mm
  • 2-in-1 funnel with strainer 140mm diameter

Gear Up 3 Piece Oil Change Kit - Everything you need to get stuck into changing your own oil

Sick of using old baking trays and make-shift funnels when changing the oil in your car? The Gear Up 3 Piece Oil Change Kit comes with everything you need to get stuck into changing your oil in a simple one-stop-shop servicing kit. The handy oil filter wrench with swivel handle is the perfect solution for removing stubborn oil filters. It covers filters with a diameter ranging from 63-76mm which will cover spin-on filters on most popular vehicles. You can also use the oil filter wrench to snug up the new filter to ensure you don't have any annoying leaks and driveway messes. When it comes to dropping out the old oil, put the rusty old baking tray in the bin. This 8L drain pan has plenty of capacity to suit most cars without overflowing. The handy raised peg is ideal for hanging the oil filter on to let the oil drain out before throwing it away. Once you've dropped the old oil out of your sump, re-fit the sump plug and get to filling the engine back up with the 140mm funnel included in the oil change kit. The flexible neck allows you to position the funnel in the oil fill point, no matter how intricate and complicated your engine bay is. This means all the oil goes into the engine and spills are avoided. Spilling oil over the top of your engine can cause annoying stains, smoking when it heats up and can even trick you into thinking you have an oil leak by the time it drips down to the ground. Once you've filled your engine with oil, use the moulded spout on the drain pan to fill the empty oil container with your old oil and dispose of it correctly.

Changing your oil is an important part of car ownership and is absolutely essential in maintaining your car and allowing it to a live a reliable life without breakdowns or expensive fixes. Think of your car's oil as your car's lifeblood. Over time it breaks down, loses lubrication characteristics and viscosity ratings also diminish with heat cycles. Keeping on top of changing your oil allows your engine's rotating assembly to be lubricated and spinning freely without causing damage and pre-mature wear as a result of metal-on-metal contact. For those who want to save some dollars and learn about maintaining their own car, changing your oil is a great start. For approximately the cost of one professional service, you can grab the basic tools needed to complete the job at home. Alongside the Gear Up 3 Piece Oil Change Kit, you will also need a jackstands as well as a spanner or socket to remove and re-fit your sump plug. It's recommended to change your oil every 4500kms, but you should check the requirements for you own vehicle in terms of oil change intervals and also the grade of oil your engine requires. To shop our whole range of oils and fluids, browse the website using the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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