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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now
Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now


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Penrite High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease  500g - HTGR0005
Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Grease Cartridge 450g - 3377124
Penrite Molygrease EP 3% 500g - MOLY0005
CRC White Lithium Grease 300g - 5037
Shell Gadus Grease S2 V220 2  EP2 450g - 300011613
Penrite Marine Grease 450g Cartridge - MARGR00045
Motortech Lithium Spray Grease 400g - MT107
Penrite Copper Eze Anti-Seize Grease 500g - CEZE0005
CRC Di-Electric Grease 14.2G - 5109
Penrite High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease  450g Cartridge - HTGR00045
CRC Food Grade Silicone Grease 75ml - FG3037
Penrite Cam Assembly Lube 100g Tube - CAM0001
Penrite Copper Eze Anti-Seize Grease 100g - CEZE0001
Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Grease 500g - 3384329
CRC Synthetic Brake & Caliper Grease 71g - 3301
Penrite Molygrease EP 3% 450g cartridge - MOLY00045
Penrite Extreme Pressure Grease Cartridge 450g - EPGR00045
Penrite Marine Grease 500g - MARGR0005
Permatex Dielectric Grease 85g - PX22058
Castrol Wheel Bearing Grease HTB2 - 3371034
Showing 1 - 20 of 74 products

Grease is the word and Repco is the place to buy it

Get the lubrication needed with our range of quality greases

Tucked away in a number of points on your vehicle are components that rely on the lubrication of grease, and whilst these may not be as readily accessible or visible they however remain critical to the ongoing operation of your car, van or 4wd. Putting the right grease into these components can depend on what your vehicle is used for and the working conditions that you encounter and with Repco stocking a wide variety of greases from Penrite, Castrol and Valvoline will be able to provide the lubrication you need.

Not all grease is the same when it comes to automotive applications

Grease comes in many formulations and many have a vital role to play in the lubrication of components on your vehicle. Having the ability to reduce friction and wear is the primary function but there are many other roles that grease play. The correctly formulated grease is also vital to resist change in varying conditions as well as repel moisture and provide corrosion protection based on its mineral oil base and additive properties. Choosing the right grease for your vehicle and its application is important as this will provide maximum protection as well as lubrication.

Types of grease and what is the best grease for wheel bearings

Here are just some the grease variants and what they suitable for -

  • Lithium based greases - Suited for wheel bearing and other extreme pressure applications. Also referred to as high temperature wheel bearing grease or moly grease for the molybdenum additive that is added. Good for extremely high temperatures these greases don't have the mechanical or shear stability of calcium based greases.
  • Calcium based greases - These greases contain Calcium sulfonate which has a higher dropping point (or point where the grease turns to liquid) than lithium based greases. This makes these types of grease especially suited to extreme pressure situations usually found in construction equipment.
  • Sodium based greases - This grease compound is a blend of base oil, additives and soda soap to produce a grease that provides good lubrication and shear stability but has poor water resistance.

Where is grease used on your vehicle?

One of the first areas on a vehicle that require grease would be the wheel bearings and this naturally is a key area that is subjected to punishing conditions and high temperatures. Choosing a high temperature bearing grease or lubricating greases with the correct additives to suit the application will ensure your vehicle operates quietly and efficiently as you clock up the kilometres. The right grade of grease formulated with the correct additives and good adhesion will ensure continuous lubrication and long term protection in such an application.

Another area of your vehicle that requires the lubrication of grease are the CV joints and driveshafts that transfer the power to each wheel. These too come under tremendous punishing conditions and require a grease that is up to the task. In these instances a molygrease would be used, as the addition of molybdenum disulfide helps form a protective coating on metal surfaces as well as providing greater heat protection.

When it comes to greasing any of the vital moving parts on your vehicle Repco has the product to suit and with our range of grease gun we have the methods to apply it as well. Shop online today or visit a Repco store near you and chat to the friendly staff about finding the right grease for your vehicle needs.

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