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Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Grease 500g - 3384329

SKU: A5568829

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  • Excellent thermal stability and wide temperature range
  • Reduced oil separation and resistance to hardening under pressure
  • High load carry capacity.Good water resistance.Excellent EP and anti-wear properties
  • An optimised combination of Lithium thickener, highly refined base oil and specially selected base oil offers excellent all-round operating performance

Some parts in your car require grease as a lubrication agent, such as bearings, joints and hinges. An effective grease avoids sticking and squeaking thus preventing components wearing out prematurely, whilst shielding against moisture and corrosion.Castrol Heavy Duty Grease is a high temperature multipurpose lithium complex grease designed for plain and roller bearing applications.Suitable for use in wheel bearings of vehicles operating at high speeds over long distances, or where prolonged heavy braking is likely to give higher than normal hub temperatures.

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