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WD-40 Multi Purpose Lubricant 150g - 61001
Loctite LB 771 Nickel Anti-Seize 500g - 39163
CRC Marine 66 Spray 300g - 6006
WD-40 Specialist Belt Dressing 316g - 21031
CRC Penetr8 Spray 400g - 5501
Motortech Water Dispersant Spray 400G - MT002
CRC 5.56 Bonus 80g Aerosol 480g - 5005B
CRC Dry Glide with PTFE 150g - 3040
INOX MX3 Lubricant 300g - MX3-300
Penrite 10 Tenths Chain Cleaner 400mL - MCACC0004
Castrol Chain Spray O-R 250g - 3377680
Diggers Kerosene 4Ltr - 16000-4DIG
Loctite LB 8150 Silver Grade Anti-Seize 500g - 76769
Lanotec General Purpose Lanolin 400g - GP-PP-0400
Inox MX4 Lanox Lanolin Lubricant 300g - MX4-300
CRC 5-56 Multi Purpose Lubricant Bonus CRC 6+1 - 5005 07
CRC 5.56 Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant 4L - 5004
Loctite LB 8150 Silver Grade Anti-Seize 236ml - 76732
Power Plus Bearing Blue - PP103
Penrite P26 Multi-Purpose MoS2 Lubricant 400ml - P26MPL0004
Showing 21 - 40 of 100 products

Repco stock Silicone spray, WD40 and just about any spray lubricant to get things moving again

Shop our great range of lubricants

Keep everything lubricated and moving freely with our range of lubrication at Repco. Squeaking car door hinges, rusted on nuts and stuck window winding mechanisms are no match for our range of quality lubricants at Repco. Stocking the widest range of trusted brands such as WD40, Permatex, CRC and Loctite make Repco your go to for quality lubricants and lubrication solutions to tackle any problem.

What does a spray lubricant do?

Whether it is the trusty WD 40, a can of silicone spray lubricant or anti-seize we have the wide variety of lubricants to lubricate, unstick, free, or quieten any component on your vehicle. Formulated with both silicone lubricants or a variety of other composites a spray lubricant may have water resistant and active elements to both lubricate and protect from rust. These lubricants are effective on metal and plastic parts to reduce friction and ensure continual lubrication on the most demanding jobs.

Why do I need a spray lubricant?

While more demanding jobs will require traditional grease dispensed via a grease gun, silicone lubricant spray and such enable accurate dispersal via an aerosol can and in some case through a straw or tube to enable greater accuracy. This application method is perfect, as it displaces moisture in tight crevices, lubricates the wheels on garage door rollers and ensures hand tools are working smoothly without the need to be wielding large globs of grease everywhere.

Many of the benefits of a silicone spray or lubricant over a dry lubricant is that dirt is flushed away when applying via aerosol. A silicone spray is also non-reactive to most substances meaning rubber, metal, wood, or glass will not react the same way as lubricating with oil or grease would.

Our range of quality lubricants

Whilst the 2000 documented uses of WD40 lubricant seem to account for every possible scenario you could think of, our range of products can encompass all these and more when it comes to vehicle maintenance and servicing. The WD 40 specialist formulations of a chain lube or grinding compound contain the specific compounds and ingredients to enable you to work through any project on your list and come up trumps. Choosing a lubricant that has been specially formulated for your particular application will mean quicker results and long-lasting benefits. Whilst one product may have greater adhesive properties it may not comprise the adequate lubricant required. The same can be said for a product that sufficiently lubricates but may not have waterproofing or anti-corrosion properties needed for the job you require. This is where having multiple lubricants on hand in the workshop allows you to cover a greater range of problems you may encounter.

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Stocking not the best brands and ranges of quality lubricants we also have a category for both grease and oil to provide lubrication in its many forms. Offering superior product availability, great customers services and stores both in Australia and New Zealand mean you don't have to put up with jammed locks, tight bearings and door hinges that stick when you can stop in at Repco.

When it comes to the easiest payment method you can select afterpay or any number of options to get the right lubricants when you need them fast. We also offer a delivery service, so you aren't stranded in the driveway halfway through a job.

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