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Wd-40 Low Odour 300G - 61176

SKU: A9814653

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  • Low odour, same great performance
  • Stops squeaks
  • Dries out moisture
  • Cleans and Protects
  • Loosens Rusted Parts
  • Frees Sticky Mechanisms
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Wd-40 Low Odour 300G

Love using WD-40 Products around the home or on the job, but are sensitive to the smell? Try WD-40 Low Odour version. It’s the same WD-40 Multi-Use Product you know and love, but lighter on the nose. This new 255g can cleans, protects, lubricates, penetrates and drives out moisture just like the original Multi-Use Product, so it’s an ideal product to have on hand in the home, garden or garage. In fact, we reckon there are around 2,000 uses for it, for example: Protects metal surfaces against corrosion and moistureCleans crayons off walls as well as grease, grime, dirt, oil and adhesivesLubricates for moving parts like stroller wheelsDisplaces moisture from metal surfaces and electrical systemsPenetrates and acts as a rust removal product for tools and metal componentsThe new low-odour version is great for the home, or for tradesmen who prefer a low-odour version on certain worksites. Get a can for your workshop or garage today. With around 2,000 uses, there’s bound to be one you haven’t discovered yet. And while you’re here, why not browse our other Multi-Use Products, or our specialty range for when the job needs to be done right.

Whatever your situation at home, in the garage or even out on the open road there's no shortage of uses for any of the products in the WD40 range. Whether sticking with the multi purpose all rounder that is WD40 through to the more specialised offerings such as Lithium Grease or Chain Lube you know there will be product in the range to suit whatever you need to unstick, lubricate, stop squeaking, shine, remove moisture or penetrate around the home or workshop. It seems the only limit is your imagination for these versatile products.

To shop the whole range of greases and lubricants, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly team today.

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