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Gear Oil Semi Synthetic 75W-90 5L - RSEMISYN75W90-5

SKU: A5362237


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  • Suitable for initial fill, top-up and refill of enclosed automotive and equipment type gearing where SAE 75W-90 or SAE 80W-90 gear oil is recommended.
  • Refer to vehicle owner's manual for recommended transmission fluid and service interval.
  • Not suitable for limited slip differentials. Repco Limslip 90 Gear Oil should be used for these applications.

Repco Gear Oil

Specifically formulated with modern extreme pressure additives and high quality base oils for use in manual gearboxes,transfer cases, differentials and transaxles in passengercars, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles and 4WDs where API GL4 or GL5, SAE 75W-90 oils are recommended.

Repco engine, transmission and gear oils are made in Australia from high quality oils and additives. Designed fore-most to protect and prolong your engine, transmission and differential components and reduce wear. You can rely on Repco oils to protect while withstanding all of the demands you put on your vehicle day after day.

If you're unsure which oil designed for your vehicle, try the Rego Search function and add the vehicle to your garage. Repco 10W-30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil is available in a 1L bottle, 5L bottle and 20L bottle.

The complete Repco oil range includes:

  • Engine Oils
  • Gear Oils for Diff, Gearbox, Transfer Case and Trans-Axle
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF

When it comes time to you next oil change service, we recommend you use high quality Repco engine oils. If you're not sure what engine oil, coolant or additive is right for your car? Try Rego Search and add your vehicle to your garage and we'll show you the engine oils you need for your car but also any products you need to complete the job. items like the and oil filter, sump plug, brake fluid, coolant and other vehicle specific parts you may need. Shop The complete Oils and lubricants online or browse the vast range at your nearest Repco store.


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