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Superior performance under brakes in all situations - Bendix Street Road Track

When driving a car to within an inch of its life, lap times and serious canyon-carving experiences are much more exciting and enjoyable with a well set-up race car or street-car. When it comes to building a performance automobile, bulk power is not the only component to quick lap times and gapping your mates on mountain roads. Whilst your high compression big block or single turbo JZ might pull like a champ, what good is all that power if you can't pull it up in time for the corner? Inspire confident driving and quicker lap-times with the Bendix RCT range of performance brake pads. Designed to support sports and performance car enthusiasts, these track day brake pads have been specially formulated by the world's leading high performance friction material manufacturers to accommodate for aggressive, high speed driving. The Bendix boffins have rigorously tested these performance brake pads against other leading brands and under the most torturous of brake pad punishing conditions and driving styles so you know that you can confidently work 'em hot and hard, knowing they'll keep on performing corner after corner.

Bendix SRT pads also feature a nitrile rubber coated shim for reduced noise and vibration for quieter performance under brakes so you can run them on the street without the typical squeal associated with other high-performance brake pads. As suggested by the name, Bendix SRT (street, road, track) pads are great for road-legal sports cars and modified street cars or any other kind of road-going performance beast. Not only will these high performance brake pads out-brake their competitors (and your mates) on the track and in the hils, but when you're done hucking the car into corners and need to drive it home, to work or to the shops, Bendix SRT brake pads will behave like a regular road-going, high-quality brake pad on the street. The Bendix crew didn't just test these brake pads on the track, they also made sure that they would withstand the type of heat-cycles and braking forces associated with driving around your local neighbourhood or cruising on the highway.

Other Bendix brake pads ranged at Repco include:

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