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OEM quality-exceeding brake rotors with TRW

Built from the ground up, TRW brake rotors are specifically designed and engineered to meet the real-world challenges associated with brake rotor reliability and longevity. TRW are an OE supplier for many popular car makes and models, but they carry the OE quality ethos throughout their entire range. With every detail on every part undergoing rigorous scrutiny, TRW brake rotors are designed with the tightest of tolerances so you can buy with confidence knowing that your rotors will bolt straight up and match or even outperform the brake rotors that came on your car when it rolled off the factory floor.

TRW disc brake rotors are cast from top-quality GG20 material or GG15HC for their High Carbon range. This is a type of cast iron used in various machinery applications and is valued mostly for its extreme resistance to heat and corrosion, as well as its effectiveness when it comes to damping sound and vibration. This means when servicing your braking system with a set of TRW brake rotors, you'll have high performing, efficient brakes with great pedal feel all of the time and no annoying vibrations or squeals when slowing down to a set of traffic lights. What more could you ask for from a brake disc material? If you're not sure when you should be replacing your brake rotors, there are some simple things to look out for that could indicate its time for a refresh, some of these include: excess noise or vibration from the brakes or and obvious grooves or score marks on the rotor face its self.

Every year, TRW produce 12 million brake rotors, covering 98% of European vehicles, so chances are there's a rotor in their range to suit your ride. Use the rego search function on the Repco website, or talk to one of our staff at your local Repco store today to view our whole range of braking components.

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