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Bonnet & Hatch Gas Struts

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Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS14687
As Advertised
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/08/2022
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS14689
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15377
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS14691
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS14692
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15398
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15413
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15384
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15401
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS14684
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15428
Monroe Maxlift Gas Strut - ML4663
Rival Bonnet Strut Kit With Stabilus Dynamic Gas Struts - DT-BS002
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15423
Monroe Gas Strut Maxlift Mount - MLSMP351
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15425
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS15404
Rival Tailgate Assist Kit With Stabilus Dynamic Gas Struts - DT-TGA01
Repco Gas Support Strut - RGS14686
Rival Bonnet Strut Kit With Stabilus Dynamic Gas Struts - DT-BS005
Showing 1 - 20 of 620 products

Boot, Bonnet & Hatch Gas Struts- keeping it up

Shop Boot Bonnet & Hatch Gas Struts

Boot, bonnet or hatch gas struts safely support the weight of those parts on your vehicle making them easy to open and close. They add strength making it easier to open and add resistance to stop it slamming shut. At Repco we have a range of brands including Monroe, Repco, Vaico & Swag.

What does a Gas Strut do?

Gas struts are very simple in design, like a shock absorber with only 2 mounting points, one at each end. They work in much the same way. A shock absorber controls the spring and the strut controls the hinged body panel. They vary in size and length and some would be rated differently depending on the weight of the bonnet or hatch they are propping open.

Why do I need a Gas Strut?

If you have ever had them fail you know why you need them. As a safety item most boots, hatches or bonnets use 2 of them in case one fails. Without them, opening and closing a boot, hatch or bonnet would be quite dangerous.

Prior to the gas strut there were lots of different methods a vehicle used to hold open a hatch, bonnet or boot. Steel springs were used either in a coil or a torsion bar arrangement. These were complex designs that required clever engineering to make them work. The simplest and cheapest solution, if the part was light enough was put a steel rod in a certain spot to wedge it open. The current gas strut has replaced all these methods using less parts, taking up less space with the same degree of security that it is not going to slam shut on you. The car door is the only hinged large body panel not using a strut.

Changing a Gas Strut

There is not much to check or inspect on a strut. Where they attach to the body panels they can come loose with time. When worn out they will either seize up, so the panel is hard to open and close or lose pressure so it feels like there is no strut in there at all. It doesn't take hours to change them as they are easy items to remove and replace. There is usually 2 struts on every body panel that needs them to help share the load and you can buy them individually. If one fails it would probably pay to replace both as added insurance. Note when replacing even one strut take care to support the open panel by other means.

Our Range of Boot, Bonnet & Hatch Gas Struts

Here at Repco, we are passionate about having the finest quality automotive products in stock that the industry has to offer. With competitive prices, durability, hard wearing construction and brands you can rely on, our gas struts are truly no exception. Regardless of your needs, our gas struts range has something to suit you.

To order replacement boot struts, bonnet struts or hatch struts you can go online. Get your number plate details, use Rego search for your vehicle, find a match, select the strut and check product availability. Check the price range, filter out any products you don't need, add items to your cart and head to the checkout to purchase. With over 400 stores across Australia use the website for the address of a store location near you. To find out more information about our entire range, contact our team today either in store or over the phone, we are here to help you. In addition, talk to the team and discover how you can 'click and collect' your boot, bonnet or hatch gas struts today.

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