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Drive Belt Tensioners

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Leading Range Of Drive Belt Tensioners

Bring You The Best When It Comes To Belt Tensioners

Keeping your drive belt tensioner in good shape should be a top priority for any vehicle owner. Over time all drive belt system components wear together, and as a result, they need to be replaced together to ensure that your vehicles drive belt system performs as intended. Here at Repco we have reputable brands to provide you with quality from , Dayco, Swag, SKF, and INA.

Symptoms Of A Bad Drive Belt Tensioner

A belt tensioner is a vital part of the belt drive system, in that, it maintains the correct tension amount on the belt at all times. This is important to have functioning properly as it helps protect other components on your vehicles, such as your water pump and alternator.

When the time comes to look for a replacement for your drive belt tensioner, you may notice a number of different symptoms, these include:

  • The check engine light or check battery light - this is a symptom that can occur due to having a loose belt caused by a bad belt tensioner. The light will appear, indicating that there is a problem that needs to be resolved within the engine bay. This will occur due to the pulleys not circulating, therefore, cannot charge the alternator, the water pump and power steering system won't be working properly. Depending on your vehicle, a battery light can appear, however, not all cars have a battery light, therefore, you may only see the check engine light.
  • Belt tensioner noise - you will hear a rattling or squeaking noise coming from the belt tensioner. This is usually caused due to the belt slipping on the pulleys. If you notice this noise, a replacement tensioner may be needed for your vehicle.
  • High temperature - this is another indication that the belt is loose due to the belt tensioner not performing correctly. High temperatures will occur as the pulley can no longer drive the water pump, therefore, the flow of water will not circulate properly through the radiator causing high temperatures.
  • Heavy steering - this will not occur in all cars as most cars run different power steering systems. For cars that run a hydraulic power steering system, you may experience heavy steering if your belts are not tensioned properly. This is due to the pulley not circulating, therefore, your power steering system cannot pump the fluid around.

If you have any of the above signs, don't waste time, get into your local store today to find a replacement drive belt tensioner for your vehicle.

Quality Brought To You By Repco, Stocking The Best When It Comes To Belt Tensioners

When it comes to looking for a replacement belt tensioner, you are in the right place. Here at Repco, we strive to provide you with the best quality, leaving you with reliable parts that go the distance. Our drive belt tensioners are manufactured to meet and exceed the OEM specifications and guidelines.

Our value-orientated belt tensioners will leave your car performing to its best capabilities. It pays to invest in quality, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down car.

Our range of belt tensioners feature:

  • High strength for greater wear resistance
  • Round spring construction to provide ample room for compression
  • Eliminates noisy worn pulleys
  • Low vibration for longer belt life.

Vehicle Shop With Repco Today To Find The Right Replacement Belt Tensioner

Here At Repco, we strive to provide you with the best when it comes to servicing parts for your vehicle. Select the correct parts for your vehicle under the one roof either online or via the phone. Find the right belt tensioner today, simply provide your vehicle details online or in-store, and you will be able to find which tensioners fits your vehicle in no time.

With our fast growing technology check out online faster, with filter sort pages, store location finder and a vast range of products you will have your car on the road in no time. Not sure where to begin contact Repco stores near you to compare products, find out product availability and price, Repco is only a phone call away.

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