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AC UV DYE 250ML - GL1234

SKU: A5605037

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  • A choice of two blends is offered for mobile AC GL1234 for all R1234yf and R134a systems fitted with belt driven or electric compressors, including hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles.
  • As with A/C lubricants and other additives, it is important to use the right tracer fluids with R1234yf and other new generation refrigerants. Glo-Leak® 1234 gives you the all in one solution.


Glo-Leak UV for Mobile A/C has been successfully and safely used to locate leaks in vehicle air conditioners since the dying days of R12 and CFC refrigerants over 25 years ago. Engineered using the very best and purest ingredients to give the brightest fuorescence with the smallest dose size, Glo-Leak® UV has developed over time to suit the changing needs of new refrigerants. Glo-Leak UV is widely used both in QA procedures on vehicle and engine production lines, and by technicians solving leaks in Aftermarket service. Simple to use, visible results.

Whether providing a cool, comfortable vehicle interior on a hot summers day, or that quick defrosting of a fogged up windscreen on a cold winters morning, your vehicles air conditioning system is constantly in play and expected to perform in the most contrasting of environments. When looking for quality vehicle air conditioning parts for your vehicle you can trust Repco to provide the range to suit your vehicle. Whether a TX valve, air conditioning compressor or condensor through to a comprehensive selection of hoses, fittings and seals we keep your vehicles air conditioning system ready to go when you are.

Over time your vehicles air conditioning system may begin to show signs of wear and as with any vehicle system it is always best to stay on top of maintenance to prevent further issues or possible failures. Some easy indicators to identify when your vehicles air conditioning system needs attention are -

  • It takes a prolonged period of time to cool the interior which may suggest a refrigerant gas leak
  • Leaking water from under the dashboard
  • Weak airflow from vents
  • Foul odours or balmy air coming from air vents
  • Air conditioning compressor clutch not moving
  • Grinding or bearing noise from compressor

Whilst all of these are annoying, and some easier to fix than others, it pays to heed these signs and look to get your air conditioning serviced and in good working condition. A loss of refrigerant gas from the system not only contributes to poor cooling it also deprives the air conditioning system of lubricants carried by this gas to keep seals from becoming dry and leaking. Time, vibration, extreme environments and just general use all contribute to possible issues with your vehicles air conditioning system so no matter where or how you drive it pays to keep on top of maintenance of this vital vehicle system.

When it comes to affordable, high quality aftermarket air conditioning components, Repco stock an extensive range of many leading brands such as OEX, Valeo, Denso, Mahle and Sanden. With our sourcing of these brands we strive to offer a quality alternative to OE components and our range covers Construction, Mining, Heavy Duty, Light Industrial and Passenger Vehicle applications. Our diverse range undergo stringent engineering, testing and quality control procedures to ensure consistent and reliable products that will survive even the most adverse weather and operating conditions.

The extensive buying power of Repco means we provide not just air conditioning compressors but condensers, TX valves and other air conditioning necessities at an affordable price whilst you receive the highest quality possible. With many products undergoing comprehensive and stringent testing to meet our standards this means you won't be left melting in the harsh sun.

Keep your vehicles air conditioning system running its best with Repco's vast array of climate control products and shop online or visit a store near you to check out the full range

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